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Hypnosis? Impossible

Hypnosis? Impossible” (催眠?ありえないわ, Saimin? Arienaiwa)1) is a non-canonical line that Touhou Project fans gave to Alice Margatroid, typically in an adult context pertaining to the hypnosis fetish. As a warning, many people may show disapproval towards the meme.


On February 12, 2017, an erotica author named “Nottu” (のっつ) would use the “Three Ramen Musketeers” meme from Oishinbo, a popular format on Futaba Channel at the time, in a context where the Touhou Project characters that were most likely to be used by beginners in a hypnosis-related situation had been put forward.2) This tweet has been shown and translated into English within the following chart.

Original Tweet Translated Tweet
“I brought in the three musketeers for beginners to use in Touhou hypnosis situations.”
“The three hypnosis musketeers?”
“Youmu, a test bed for hypnosis.”
“You're shady. Don't make any sudden movements…”
“Keine, who puts 'health and physical education' into practice since classroom visitations.”3)
“Today, I'll teach using my body.”
“Alice, who can handle anything from canonical to derivative.”
“Hypnosis? Impossible.”

At some point, this tweet captured the attention of an artist named “Kamukamu” (かむかむ)4) who would later illustrate Alice Margatroid opening up her dress, presumably under a hypnotic spell, which reveals a cute brassiere underneath that shields her modestly sized breasts.5) From there, the phrase slowly spread and it'd gain some traction over the following years.


  • The Korean reading is just “Saimin? Arienaiwa” (사이민? 아리에나이와).
“Arienaiwa” (ありえないわ) can be translated as “[that's] impossible”, “[that's] absurd”, or “[there's] no way”.
Jugyō Sankan (授業参観, lit. “Classroom Visitation”) typically refers to the day(s) where parents can visit and observe their child's classrooms, sometimes translated as “Parents' Day” or "Open House".
"催眠?ありえないわ" (February 13, 2017). Twitter.
"「催眠?ありえないわ」" (March 24, 2017). Twitter.
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