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List of Touhou Holiday Tags

This is a list of tags that gets filled up with illustrations of Touhou Project characters celebrating a holiday or seasonal event. Of course, people usually add new illustrations to the respective tag when said event comes around, but do be careful of the timezones.

Tag List

Holidays and Seasonal Events Tag Pixiv Nico
New Year's Day
正月 (Shōgatsu)
January 1st 東方お正月
Touhou Oshōgatsu(New Year's)
[p] [s]
節分 (Setsubun)
Early February1) 東方節分の日
Touhou Setsubun no Hi(Setsubun Day)
[p] [s]
Valentine's Day
バレンタインデー (Barentain Dē)
February 14th 東方バレンタイン
Touhou Barentain(Valentine)
[p] [s]
Cat Day
猫の日 (Neko no Hi)
February 22nd 東方猫の日
Touhou Neko no Hi(Cat Day)
[p] [s]
Hina Matsuri
雛祭り (Hina Matsuri)
March 3rd 東方雛祭り
Touhou Hina Matsuri(Doll Festival)
[p] [s]
White Day
ホワイトデー (Howaito De)
March 14th 東方ホワイトデー
Touhou Howaito Dē(White Day)
[p] [s]
April Fools' Day
エイプリルフール (Eipuriru Fūru)
April 1st 東方エイプリルフール
Touhou Eipuriru Fūru(April Fool)
Mother's Day
母の日 (Haha no Hi)
May, 2nd Sunday 東方母の日
Touhou Haha no Hi(Mother's Day)
Summer Festival
夏祭り (Natsu Matsuri)
Varies2) 東方夏祭り
Touhou Natsu Matsuri(Summer Festival)
七夕 (Tanabata)
July 7th 東方七夕
Touhou Tanabata(Seventh Evening)
[p] [s]
Midsummer Ox Day
土用の丑の日 (Doyō no Ushi no Hi)
Late July3) 東方土用の丑の日
Touhou Doyō no Ushi no Hi(Midsummer Ox Day)
Autumn Equinox Day
秋分の日 (Shūbun no Hi)
Late September4) 東方秋分の日
Touhou Shūbun no Hi(Autumn Equinox Day)
ハロウィン (Harouin)
October 31st 東方ハロウィン
Touhou Harouin(Halloween)
[p] [s]
Touhou Project Harouin(Halloween)
[p] [s]
Pocky Day
ポッキーの日 (Pokkii no Hi)
November 11th 東方ポッキーの日
Touhou Pokkii no Hi(Pocky Day)
[p] [s]
Good Couple Day
いい夫婦の日 (Ii Fūfu no Hi)
November 22nd 東方いい夫婦の日
Touhou Ii Fūfu no Hi(Good Couple Day)
クリスマス (Kurisumasu)
December 25th 東方クリスマス
Touhou Kurisumasu(Christmas)
[p] [s]
New Year's Eve
大晦日 (Ōmisoka)
December 31st 東方年末
Touhou Nenmatsu(Year-End)
[p] [s]
“Setsubun” (節分, lit. “Season Division”) is traditionally held before Spring begins in the old lunisolar calendar, around February 2th to 4th in the modern solar calendar, the day before Risshun which was the first solar term of Spring. In the past, it could technically be the days before the seasons changed.
“Summer Festival” (夏祭り, Natsu Matsuri) just refer to festivals in the summer. However, they'd normally be held in the seventh month of the old lunisolar calendar, which would be September to October.
“Midsummer Ox Day” (土用の丑の日, Doyō no Ushi no Hi) is a seasonal event that can happen up to two times per year, depending on the lunisolar calendar conversion method(s). The first instance that most people use happens around late July, while the second instance happens around early August when it does.
The Autumn Equinox occurs around September 22nd or September 23rd.
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