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Kaitei Shujin

Kaitei Shūjin (海底囚人, lit. “Undersea Prisoner”), also called Deep-Sea Prisoner1) or Mogeko (藻毛子),2) is an independent Japanese content creator who established her own website in April 21, 2006 and has a large fan following outside of Japan, specifically China and the West.

She is best known for having a large cast of characters that she uses for her comics and RPG Maker games, though it's been a while since she's produced anything of substance as she keeps getting distracted, having a long VTuber commission backlog3) while in debt.4)

List of Works

My interest in this author's works has waned, especially after noticing the parasitic relationship she has with fans, so parts of this article are old.

Released games

Mogeko Castle

“High school girl, right?! Moge-tans love high school girls!”

Mogeko Castle (モゲコキャッスル, Mogeko Kyassuru)5) is a half-serious adventure horror game that was released on April 1, 2012 as an RPG Maker 2000 game, but it was later redone in RPG Maker VX Ace on March 5, 2014. The story follows a high school girl named Yonaka Kurai who anticipated seeing her brother, but accidentally dozed off and wakes up at a mysterious train station.

She wanders around this unknown location, but finds cat-like creatures called “Mogeko” that corner her into entering the Mogeko Castle, forcing her to find another exit. As the story progresses, she finds an unusual Mogeko who helps her escape and seven guardian Mogeko on each floor. Whether she decides to kill any of the guardians will affect the story's ending.

In the end, the unusual Mogeko turns out to be Nega-Mogeko who clashes with King Mogeko and sacrifices himself to let Yonaka escape. Yonaka catches a bus home, but it turns out that her brother wants to kill her, so she ends up returning to the Mogeko Castle. From there, a giant door of truth decides the game's ending: the Path of Paradise (killed a guardian) or the Path of Falsehood (did not kill any guardians).

The normal ending features Yonaka killing her own brother as well as King Mogeko, then becoming the next ruler of the castle, Lord Prosciutto. The true ending features Yonaka stabbing her brother, returning him to his senses for one last time, and the story concludes revealing that the storyteller Mogeko was King Mogeko who sat next to a drugged Yonaka the entire time.

The Gray Garden

I probably won't ever actually finish the game to finish this section.

The Gray Garden (灰色庭園, Haiiro Teien) is an RPG Maker 2000 game that was released on December 27, 2012, though it's currently awaiting an RPG Maker VX Ace remake. The story introduces us to a world where angels and demons once fought but currently coexist in harmony, then introduces us to a carefree demon girl named Yosafire who generally enjoys life. However, a mysterious bat suddenly appears.

The Garden Gray

“Hey! What's the meaning of this?!”

The Garden Gray (園庭色灰, Entei Irohai) is a short April Fools 2014 game done in RPG Maker 2000 which parodies The Gray Garden, but has no actual connections to it. It features genderbent characters in a silly story about a minor scuffle between Etihw and Kcalb since Etihw ate Kcalb's chocolate cake that Wodahs had made for her. As one may expect, it does end with Etihw apologizing to Kcalb.

Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea

“…You shouldn't be here. Leave this sea, right now.”

Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea (大海原と大海原, Ōunabara to Wadanohara) is a cute, surprisingly dark horror game that was developed in RPG Maker 2000 and released on December 12, 2013, then later had a bonus update on February 1, 2020. The story follows a sea witch named Wadanohara returning to the Sea Kingdom and meeting a humanoid shark named Samekichi who warns her to leave.

Out of nowhere, the Sea Kingdom is suddenly attacked by the Tosatsu Kingdom and Wadanohara is tasked with repairing the barrier, yet this effort is for naught and the kingdom gets invaded anyways. It turns out it was all a misunderstanding, but the Sea of Death's ambassador reveals himself and this unlocks a traumatic memory where Sal tries to molest a young Wadanohara, but is saved by Samekichi.

With the kingdom's barrier broken, the party wakes up in the Sea of Death, and the story gets morbid while they find a route back to the Sea Kingdom. In the end, the party finds Sal with an injured Samekichi and you're forced to sit through all three endings. The true ending features Wadanohara being stabbed with the Sacred Sword and Samekichi promising that he'll return everything back to normal to make her happy.

She does survive the stab wound, but laments that she wouldn't see Samekichi for a long time. However, it's revealed that Samekichi tasked a delivery bird to return her precious ocarina and the story ends there. It's then revealed that the storytelling Sea Witch is an older Wadanohara and she soon discovers that Samekichi had finally finished his quest.

Other projects

Obsolete Dream

Obsolete Dream (廃れ夢, Sutare Yume) is a webcomic that follows a demon girl named Kurotsuno living in the Pitch Black World. At the moment, it seems to follow her everyday life and contains some violence, but nothing too important has happened in the story. It's believed that the webcomic is still ongoing and that it just has an irregular update schedule.

Ice Scream

The format has changed since this was written.

Ice Scream (アイス・スクリーム, Aisu Sukurīmu) is a multimedia series that focuses on Iceberg Isle and the story's summary states that the main protagonist is a timid arctic wolf named Shirogane. The reader can observe parts of the island and events that occur within each round, but not much has happened thus far. It's believed that the series is still ongoing, but has an irregular update schedule.

Poison Bugs

Poison Bugs (ポイゾン・バグズ, Poizon Baguzu) is a video series that only consists of one episode and not much is known about it, though some of its characters have been present in other works.

The Sun's Curse

The Sun's Curse (太陽の呪縛, Taiyou no Jubaku) is an interactive flash storybook that's illustrated but it's written in code. The story tells us about Siralos, the Sun God, who enjoyed making suns, then he came up with the idea to create two servants: Igls Unth (the Angel of Light) and Ivlis (the Demon of Flame). The two of them lived on the Land of Sun where they vowed loyalty to Siralos and lived a happy life.

Later, the two grew up and could now understand what Siralos did. Ivlis started questioning his actions while Igls remained loyal. When Ivlis asks Siralos about why life depended on the sun, Siralos is disappointed in Ivlis and disowns him by removing his wings and banishing him. While the story ends there, it's presumed that he was sent to the Flame Underworld seen in The Gray Garden due to his appearance there.

Seaside Dispatches

Seaside Dispatches (砂濱通信, Sunahama Tsūshin) is a manga series featuring Ivlis and Satanick that had began on March 15, 2017. It's implied that the manga contains gore and sexual abuse.

Future projects

The original page listing these titles have been taken down, so this chart may not accurately reflect what is actually being worked on if anything.

Project Name Directory Rough Translation
Kānibaru Rizumu
carnival Carnival Rhythm
Hasuhasukī Shōgun no Daibōken
hshsky General Hashasky's Great Adventure
Risōkyō no Shūchakuten
utopia The End of Wonderland
[The Final Stop in Utopia]
Akiraakiraumi Teikoku
kaiteikok The Glorious Sea Kingdom
海底物語 -星導の少年-
Kaitei Monogatari -Hoshi Shirube no Shōnen-
chaos_sea Deep-Sea Story -The Star-Guided Boy-
海底通信 第一号
Kaitei Tsūshin: Dai-ichi Gō
kaitsu Deep-Sea Correspondence: Volume 1
Yami ni Shizumu Rakuen
utopiaA Paradise Sunken Into Darkness
Umi no Soko no Umi no Ue
kaiteikaijou On the Sea, Below the Sea
[Above the Sea, Below the Sea]
Ashita Shinu Shita
a4ta4nu4ta Tomorrow I Died
[I Want to Die Tomorrow]
Maō Rifikaru to Yūkai na Nakama-tachi(?)
reficul Reficul the Devil and Friends
[Devil King Reficul and Funny Demon Friends]
bullying Bullying / Ivleeching
Haiiro Teien (Danzenhan)
The_gray_garden The Gray Garden (Definitive Edition)
Maō Shōjo Ivurin
ivlin Devil Girl Ivlin
砂濱通信 第二號
Sunahama Tsūshin: Dai-ni Gō
sunatsu2 Seaside Dispatches #2

Note: The above information is taken from this page as seen on September 24, 2017. This information may changed, altered, or removed without warning, and all English title translations are not final unless stated otherwise.

Carnival Rhythm

Carnival Rhythm (カーニバル・リズム, Kānibaru Rizumu)6) is an upcoming game following Shrimp/Ebihara who fought with a friend, wanders into a tunnel, and enters a mysterious world. It was teased as “Future Game Plan #1” in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea's bonus room. At the moment, the Ci-en posts shows us a visible health bar and the only known areas are a murder scene, train, and sunset station.

The End of Wonderland

The End of Wonderland (理想郷の終着点, Risōkyō no Shūchakuten) was teased as “Future Game Plan #2” in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea's bonus room, but almost nothing is known about this title.

General Hashasky's Great Adventure

“No more tears! For I am, Mogekov HSHSky!”

General Hashas(HSHS)ky's Great Adventure (ハスハスキー将軍の大冒険, Hasuhasukī Shōgun no Daibōken), or Mogeko Castle Gaiden, is an upcoming game where General Hashasky of the Mogekov Kremlin is kidnapped and brought to Mogeko Castle by Moge-ko. Meanwhile, the general's subordinates and Moge-kov try to rescue him. It was first teased as “New Game Preview” in Mogeko Castle's bonus room.

Paradise Sunken Into Darkness

Paradise Sunken Into Darkness (闇に沈む楽園, Yami ni Shizumu Rakuen) is a short, gory, upcoming game that may involve Ivlis and Satanick. Not much is known, aside from the fact that it has a page.

Devil Girl Ilvin

Devil Girl Ivlin (魔王少女イヴリン, Maō Shōjo Ilvin) is an April Fools 2017 joke featuring a genderbent Ivlis named “Ivlin” who runs into a strange cat called “Sataneko-chan” and gets doused in sperm that gives her magical powers. It's suggested that she'll encounter “The Evil Devil S.T.N.”, “Salty Licorice Mask”, and “Devil Girl Satanica-chan” in the work if it was real.


Rising Sun controversy and anti-Korean trolling

If you're looking for more information on this, look up “모게코” (Mogeko). The following is a brief version of this page.

Back in August 2014, a Korean user pointed out that she used the Rising Sun Flag in her January 2013 calendar drawing, which was controversial due to the flag's imperialist connotations.7) She would address their concerns by drawing more of them, indirectly placing Korean translators in the crossfire, then she would enact a Korean translation ban (excluding cosplay and fan works) on August 9, 2014.

This would reach a “point of no return” in 2015 after she incorporated the flag into her website's design and banned all Korean IPs with “unauthorized reposts” as her initial excuse. Such behavior paused in 2017 as she shifted focus onto Virtual YouTuber rigs. However in 2023, she would address her past controversies, yet played the victim and continue to deny the flag's implications.8)

Tumblr R-18 controversy

In the past, she used to have a Tumblr blog at “okegom” and “okegom2”, but she incidentally complied with somebody's request to draw Sal molesting Wadanohara, thus a hate mob formed. She did attempt to apologize, but she was probably flooded with hate messages and incomprehensible images that she deleted her accounts in July 20149) with no apparent plans to ever return to the platform.

Lesser criticisms

  • She has slowed down in terms of releasing new content, which is fine for an independent developer and story writer, but she also finds time to sell goods and manga while barely making any progress on the works that fans are looking for, so it can feel a bit one-sided or parasitic for fans.
    • While she does make a lot of characters, almost nothing is known about most of them, which loops back to the issue of fans barely getting any content. In other words: “Go girl, give us nothing!”
  • Back then, people praised her unique, beautiful character designs. These days, her artwork now has worse body proportions (e.g. pencil-thin waists, big feet, etc.) and tends to be more sexual.
  • Despite the age ratings, or lack thereof, a significant majority of her works contain sadistic elements.
  • There is favoritism. She used to draw a lot of Kclab/Etihw, but now there's a focus on Ivlis/Satanick.
  • There is no consistency and the author often changes settings at a whim. For instance, Etihw became shorter and Ivlis falls in love with his father Siralos despite the events of The Sun's Curse.


  • She was born on March 10th with Type A blood and lives in Kanagawa Prefecture.10)
    • Her birth year appears to be in the late 1990s, given that she was in junior high school11) when she illustrated the controversial Nazi uniform fanart of Yume Nikki in January 2010.12)
    • Most of her early content focused on 2channel's AA subculture, favoring genocide-related threads and the “Morala Plotting the World Uniform” story. The former shouldn't be that much of a surprise, given that she was a huge fan of Happy Tree Friends at one point.
  • Prior to the “” move in 2015, she had three separate three FC2 websites:
    • - “Urusai” (五月蝿い). The oldest website with AA illustrations, until focus had shifted towards Yume Nikki and, for a very brief time, Happy Tree Friends.
    • - “Yokkora Secomu” (よっこらセコム) / “YOKOSEKO”. The oldest website that focused on her original characters. It didn't last long and actually closed in 2015.
    • - “Kaitei Shujin” (海底囚人). The final website that most people knew. The home of her original characters, aforementioned games, and much more.
  • On September 3, 2020, it was finally confirmed that she was a woman in her third Minecraft stream.13)
  • A couple of personal notes and thoughts on the author and their works.
    • I personally find Mogeko Castle very interesting because it's a reflection of 2channel's culture from the perspective of a high school girl (in 2012) that grew up with 2channel since childhood.
    • I once sent her a Skeb request, asking for “もげ子クソデカおっぱい!!”, but she refused this.

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“Deep-Sea Prisoner” is the translation of “Kaitei Shuujin” (海底囚人) used by the translator, vgperson.
“Mogeko” (藻毛子, lit. “Algae Larvae”) is her prior username, which also becomes “Okegom” backwards. It doesn't mean “Algae Russki”, as it'd become “Soumaozu” (from “Zǎo Máozi”), or “Child Groper”.
"BUYERS BEWARE". Google Docs.
The Japanese title is obsolete and no longer present on the game's official webpage for unknown reasons.
“Carnival Rhythm” is a pun on “cannibalism” (カニバリズム, kanibarizumu).
The Rising Sun Flag is a symbol of good fortune and tradition in Japan, but due to its historical use as the Japanese military's ensign, it's offensive in other East Asian countries as a symbol of brutal Japanese imperialism. Despite losing World War II, it's still used as the Japanese military's ensign and there's been an effort, especially in South Korea, to get the flag banned.
8) , 11)
"" (August 17, 2023). Twitter.
"プロフィ~ル" (2006). Urusai.
The artwork has since been deleted, but its archived Pixiv ID of “8495119” reveals that the artwork was uploaded on January 31, 2010.
"【Minecraft】funamusea playing🔰3【雑談】" [3:30] (September 3, 2020). YouTube.
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