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Learning to Reject Anonymity

“It comes off more like a list of things to keep in mind rather than reasons to lower your usage.”
– Anonymous

This article is a brief explanation on the negatives of anonymous communities, which is not free speech, and how the hivemind can stunt your development. Of course, this page is intended for people that actually want to improve as an individual and learn, not some random edgy teenage fuckwit who thinks “shitposting” is a personality and just want to laze around on their computer or phone all day.

  1. It's mostly full of nerds, losers, and social outcasts with low self-confidence. This isn't bad, per se, but you have to realize that you're putting yourself in a relentlessly negative environment, which can rewire impressionable minds to conform to a bitter mob's contrarian takes, rather than being an individual and coming to your own conclusions.
  2. Everything is temporal. These environments can feel like a cozy bar, but you aren't exactly making the most meaningful connections as it's all temporal. Of course, you could waltz into some Discord guild or pop-up multiplayer server, but you have to question why the rest of these cunts are even here and what issues they have, given what I've already mentioned in the first point.
  3. They get extremely old and repetitive. After two or three years of experience, you'll start to notice patterns and realize that you've seen everything these communities have to offer. It can be fun and easy to be a hater, like I do expect people to shittalk after reading absolutely nothing on this page, but it gets super tiring and you can't be a 'shitkid' forever.

While I do admit that I occasionally leave anonymous posts in some niche communities, the point is that I no longer obsessively check these communities, expecting 3-10 posts in every 15 second interval, and shifted focus towards building myself as a person before “shit hit the fan” in the mid-2010s. Of course, the end result isn't ever pretty by any means, but it's better than wallowing in the crab bucket.

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