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SCP Foundation

The SCP Foundation is a collaborative writing project that focuses on a fictional scientific research organization that writes highly confidential reports on inexplicable anomalies they contain and study, while noting any of the necessary containment procedures.


On June 22, 2007, a sleep-deprived “Moto42” (S.S. Walrus) created a thread on 4chan's “Paranormal” (/x/) board about SCP-173.1) This one-off story would end up fascinating users since it wasn't just a generic run-of-the-mill scary story with a cheap jump scare, but it would instead scare you by filling you with a fear of the unknown, making you wonder about what else could possibly be out there.

After months of intrigue, the first “SCP Wiki” was set up at the wiki farm on January 20, 2008,2) but their growing popularity eventually made it clear that this was never going to be a long-term home as threats of imminent deletion loomed over them. Then on July 19, 2008, “FritzWillie” cloned the wiki to WikiDot and the wiki has been at “” ever since.3)

Object classes

Classification Description
  Safe Easy to contain. Usually willing to comply with containment.
  Euclid Difficult to contain. Sometimes unpredictable. Very common.
  Keter Hard to contain.
  Neutralized The anomaly was neutralized. No longer exists or functions.
Apollyon Impossible to contain. Might end the world.
Archon Best left uncontained.
Thaumiel Actively used by the SCP Foundation.

List of noteworthy entries

  • SCP-055 - The anti-meme that cannot be remembered long enough, resulting in the foundation lacking information about the subject. Despite its effects, it is known to be spherical.
  • SCP-073, SCP-076 - The two biblical sons, Cain and Abel (SCP-073 and SCP-076-2). Abel is trapped in a stone cube (SCP-076-1), but he may wake up to become homicidal at humanity.
  • SCP-087 - The seemingly infinite descending staircase. Light is limited in it, a crying child can be heard below, and a disembodied face may randomly appear to give a scare.
  • SCP-096 - The tall, white, and thin humanoid with a massive jaw. It's docile, but will chase if one saw its face in person or through media. However, artistic depictions, like the Soyjak, are safe.
  • SCP-113 - The red jasper gemstone that can change biological sex and gender upon contact, though effects on non-standard genitalia are unknown. A wait is advised before reuse.
  • SCP-166 - The young woman that intends to be a nun. She used to be a “nude teenage succubus”, but was later rewritten to be a nature-controlling, reindeer-like humanoid with loose clothing.
  • SCP-173 - The famed creature that must have two eyes on it at all times, whilst cleaning up their enclosure. Formerly rendered as Izumi Katō's “Untitled 2004” until its 2022 removal.4)
  • SCP-294 - The sentient coffee machine can dispense anything into a liquid form, including abstract concepts, and the properties never seem to damage the cup it dispenses for some reason.
  • SCP-347 - The invisible young adult woman, 164cm (≈ 5'5“) tall. She's capable of wearing clothes, but will normally be nude. May be viewed under infrared or ultraviolet light, if necessary.
  • SCP-426 - The mind-altering toaster that can only be discussed in first-person and may cause staff to believe they are toasters after a while. At the time, it was among the first major format breaks.
  • SCP-500 - The plastic container with an undefined number of pills that can cure anything. It's been used in many cross-tests, which makes keeping track of how many pills are left difficult.
  • SCP-507 - The average man that can randomly shift into alternate dimensions, though he does not have control over the occurrence, destination, visit length, and actually dislikes when it happens.
  • SCP-529 - The small gray tabby cat, “Josie”, who is missing her lower body, yet does not exhibit health problems and operates as if the body is there. The former SCP logo.5)
  • SCP-682 - The highly adaptable, intelligent, reptile-like creature with tremendous power and wishes to destroy everything. Formerly rendered as an unknown skeletal creature from Sakhailin.6)
  • SCP-686 - The “milk” that forces breast growth and lactation, regardless of the recipient's gender. Hosts must be milked, or else their breasts grow and non-human growths may occur.7)
  • SCP-811 - The green-skinned young woman with oily black hair, implied to be an escaped feral test subject that ran away and had to survive in a swamp. She's docile, but capable of attacking.
  • SCP-953 - The sadistic, nine-tailed red fox that can change forms, yet she keeps some vulpine attribute(s). She can control minds, so avoid eye contact. Likely the Korean Kumiho.
  • SCP-956 - The pink piñata that attacks children, making candy fall out of their wounds, but it will only attack if they are in its activation range of 5 meters (≈ 16.4 feet). Do not eat the candy.
  • SCP-999 - The friendly, orange slime creature. A loving, playful creature, that can eat sweets and cure depression. It's classified as safe, so they're free to roam the facility.
  • SCP-1287 - The rectangular marble structure in Washington D.C. that has names of missing people engraved on it. Contact with the stone will transform the person into said missing person.
  • SCP-1370 - The self-aware artificial robot, about 1m (≈ 3'3”), that will attempt to fight any object it deems sapient, though it usually fails and has lost to a split-leaf philodendron.
  • SCP-1428 - The immortal large-billed crow with a third leg, likely the three-legged crow often seen in East Asian folklore, though it was caught in a Chinese temple. May emit solar radiation.
  • SCP-1471 - The malware app that summons a creature with a wolf skull for a head (SCP-1471-A), who sends unsettling images of it getting closer. Often depicted as a female furry.8)
  • SCP-2399 - The ominous, mechanical machine in the Great Red Spot of Jupiter, which appears to be repairing itself. It threatens Earth, though nobody knows when it'll finish or how to stop it.
  • SCP-2521 - The one that can't be talked or written about, since it can teleport and will either steal text-based reports or whoever talked about them. As a result, this report uses pictograms.
  • SCP-2547 - The pack of about 4000 canines that manifests in rural Statesian towns, drying up their reservoir and leaving by the next full moon. Water is so valuable, it can even be traded for sex.
  • SCP-2721 - The two planet-destroying entities with Tumblr blogs. Lyris (SCP-2721-LYRE) identifies as a transgender Homestuck fan, while Eli (SCP-2721-LORD) tags along for her sake.
  • SCP-3008 - The seemingly infinite IKEA store, where these uniform-wearing humanoid creatures are passive during the day but turn hostile at night. The humans trapped have set up civilization.
  • SCP-3390 - The sentient French Char 2C tank from World War I, who attacks anybody that insults the French. Compare to older tank entries like SCP-516 and SCP-802.
  • SCP-4223 - The non-anomalous Mountain Dew Baja Blast (SCP-4223-A), harvested from many anomalous sources in alternate universes. The joke kinda goes on way longer than it should.
  • SCP-4413 - The webcomic incident where fans do self-insert rituals that seriously alters the story, while the foundation restores order. AWCY9) offshoot mentioned. Homestuck-adjacent.
  • SCP-4950 - The gluttonous deity, “ARCHON LORD”, summoned by a cult that kept chanting “Blood for the Blood God”10) and having Fortnite players kill each other in-game for three years.
  • SCP-4999 - The mysterious, suit-wearing man that appears before people who were about to die alone, offering a cigarette, staying to ensure they don't die alone, then vanishing.
  • SCP-5000 - The damaged “Absolute Exclusion Harness” which has this massive backstory involving “Pietro Wilson” who escapes “Exclusionary Site-06” and had saved the world using the harness.
  • SCP-6101 - The terminally ill child who, through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, managed to get the SCP Foundation, in the “Broken Masquerade” canon,11) to write a report about him.
  • SCP-6668 - The sinkhole at Site-314's third floor cafeteria. It's later revealed that the sinkhole is full of rats that crawl into humans and maliciously self-replicate, forcing the site to be locked down.
  • SCP-7000 - The man at Site-43 who attracts bad luck to himself (SCP-7000-1), nearly causing a probability failure (SCP-7000-D) seeing himself as part of the team instead of an individual.

International entries

  • SCP-040-JP - The ancient hut which, if peered inside, affects one's perception of cats, causing the victim to perceive all cats with a hairless face and human eyes, giving us the famous drawing.
  • SCP-081-JP - The super cold sukumizu (SCP-081-JP-1), encased in ice (SCP-081-JP-2), that can technically be worn and will grant the wearer the ability to survive extreme heat.
  • SCP-105-JP - The anomalous string of characters, contained on the foundation's computers, which can infect documents and turn them into a humorously broken web page. AWCY mentioned.12)
  • SCP-280-JP - The black, spherical, space-time anomaly. You could interact with it, but your actions will actually cause the anomaly to grow, completely swallowing the Earth and universe.
  • SCP-1265-JP - The sacred stone that will turn men into female humanoids (SCP-1265-JP-A). It was retrieved from a village of transformed shrine maidens who believe that gender is sacred.
  • SCP-1907-JP - The male anime otaku that turned himself into a 2D girl, “Akari” (アカリ), becoming an image that can't act on adult TSF clichés as he didn't use the program's R-18 version.
  • SCP-2650-JP - The mysterious teleporting bag that can cross into alternate universes, dimensions, or parallel timelines. As a result, Class-D personnel will rarely survive their trip inside the bag.
  • SCP-2955-JP - This former 59-year-old male, “CN-aniki” (CN兄貴), who survived SCP-2650-JP, but underwent a behavioral-physical transformation into Remilia Scarlet from Touhou Project.

Non-serious entries

  • SCP-309-J - The article, allegedly saved by accident, asking to be deleted. Further digging reveals that it was meant to be Peter Griffin from Family Guy,13) which had 309 episodes at the time.
  • SCP-1981-J - The tale of two anomalies, from “a lonely world” and “South Detroit”, which seem to recreate the events described in the 1981 rock song, Don't Stop Believin' by Journey.
  • SCP-____-J - The rock that invokes procrastination. It's reportedly kept inside a box, but the object class is not set, so we technically don't exactly know if the rock would actually stay in containment.
  • JJJ-JJJJ-J - The anomaly that, when discussed, forces one to replace the first letter in every single word to “J”. Humorously, the word “GIF” is completely unaffected.


  • The SCP Foundation is made up of several units, which isn't common knowledge.
    • D-class personnel / Class D personnel - The foundation's disposable, low-ranking staff, which are often tossed in to interact with the anomaly. Often formatted as “D-####” in reports.
    • Mobile Task Force (MTF) - The foundation's elite personnel units who deal with specific threats. Not to be confused with “male-to-female” (trans woman) which is a recent development.
  • When you think about a human personification of SCP-173, remember that blood and fecal matter has to be cleaned up from its enclosure. Would this be hemorrhoids? And how does it snap neck?
  • In June 2018, the SCP Foundation participated in Pride Month14) which saw significant backlash15) as people claimed that the project was allegedly gentrified, politicized, or declined in quality. This resulted in raids on the SCP-2721 article and the establishment of the RPC Authority as an alternative around June 13, 2018, though it does a bad job at hiding its far-right, anti-SJW stance.
    • Many people bring up the 4chan origin story, but 4chan in 2007 and modern-day 4chan aren't the same environment, and let's not get into veteran imageboard users becoming transgender.
  • Normally, I wouldn't start every description with the word “the”, but thought it'd be funnier like that.
"From the Files of Site 19." [Mirror] (June 22, 2007). 4chan /x/.
"Unknown creature was found by soldiers" (August 28, 2006). English Russia.
There's a fetish for this kind of thing, you know!
“SCP-1471-A” does not have an explicit gender. However, the stories of it coming closer, while technically not doing anything, presumably came across as “cute” as if were a lover who was stalking the user.
9) , 12)
“Are We Cool Yet?” (AWCY?) is a surrealist art movement, known to antagonize the SCP Foundation.
“Blood for the Blood God, Skulls for the Skull Throne” is a Warhammer 40,000 meme, associated with the Chaos Space Marines, though it has since left its target audience since it, admittedly, is fun to say.
The “Broken Masquerade” canon is a timeline or universe where the SCP Foundation failed to keep itself secret from the general public. As a result, SCP-6101 is, more or less, a mere PR piece.
"how do i delete articles" (July 14, 2018). SCP Foundation.
You can easily replace scp-wiki to scpexplained in the URL. However, the SCP Explained Wiki doesn't have any HTTPS support and only covers entries that are in the main branch.
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