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Salmãochan (lit. “Salmonchan”) is a Brazilian Portugese bulletin board established by former Xchan moderator “Salmão” around January 29, 2014. The website is generally relaxed, positive, and doesn't discriminate by gender unlike the mainstream bulletin boards.


After “Salmão” had a disagreement with “Chloefag”, another Xchan moderator, she was motivated to make her own website. The project was originally Riverside at “” before it was renamed to Salmãochan and temporarily moved to “” before settling at “”. The exact dates aren't known, but their Kusaba X instance suggests that they existed around January 29, 2014.

In its early days, Salmãochan was incredibly slow due to the amount of scripts, but this was later fixed. There was also a long period of time when Salmãochan couldn't be accessed from Windows 8 or Windows 10 as “Salmão” believed they were used for spying. On December 11, 2019, the website changed their favicon from a generic fish to a certain fuchsia-colored pieces symbol, but later changed it back.

List of Boards


  • There is no email field. To use sage, click on the down arrow box next to the “Responder” button.
  • The problem “∫3x-sec²xdx” is an indefinite integral. You aren't supposed to solve it anyways.
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