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Horoscopic astrology

Horoscopic astrology is a form of astrology that relies on horoscopes, a pseudoscience suggesting that the alignment of the planets to the stars can be used to gain divination on someone's personality, answer questions they may have, or provide analysis on world affairs.

Main branches

Natal astrology

Natal astrology, also known as genethliacal astrology, is the most common type of horoscopic astrology where astrologers construct a horoscope for a person's date, time, and location of birth, and this is used to determine what their personality and path in life is. The first part is easy to understand as attention is paid to their sun sign, moon sign, and ascending (rising) sign. However, most people stop at their sun sign.

The second part is chart weighing by sign and house. Chart weighing by sign categorizes the signs in three categories: element (fire, earth, air, water),1) quality (cardinal, fixed, mutable),2) and the polarity (positive, negative).3) Meanwhile, chart weighing by house looks at the house modals the planets are in which could be angular (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th), succedent (2nd, 5th, 8th, 11th), and cadent (3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th).4)

Astrological sign Element5) Quality6) Polarity7) Closest solar term(s)
Aries (♈)
03.21 - 04.19
Fire Cardinal Positive Chūnfēn
Taurus (♉)
04.20 - 05.20
Earth Fixed Negative Gǔyǔ
Gemini (♊)
05.21 - 06.20
Air Mutable Positive Xiǎomǎn
Cancer (♋)
06.21 - 07.22
Water Cardinal Negative Xiàzhì
Leo (♌)
07.23 - 08.23
Fire Fixed Positive Dàshǔ
Virgo (♍)
08.24 - 09.22
Earth Mutable Negative Chǔshǔ
Libra (♎)
09.23 - 10.23
Air Cardinal Positive Qiūfēn
Scorpio (♏)
10.24 - 11.21
Water Fixed Negative Shuāngjiàng
Sagittarius (♐)
11.22 - 12.21
Fire Mutable Positive Xiǎoxuě
Capricorn (♑)
12.22 - 01.19
Earth Cardinal Negative Dōngzhì
Aquarius (♒)
01.20 - 02.18
Air Fixed Positive Dàhán
Pisces (♓)
02.19 - 03.20
Water Mutable Negative Yǔshuǐ

Lastly, we have chart shaping which generally analyzes any patterns that the planets are in, and also checks if most of the planets fall under a specific hemisphere (northern, southern, eastern, western).8)

Interrogatory astrology

Interrogatory astrology, also known as horary astrology, is a branch of horoscopic astrology where the astrologer tries to answer a question by constructing a horoscope for the time and location it was asked. It relies on moon position and the question being assigned to one of the twelve houses. Naturally, this branch is best suited for vague questions and while the answer may be simple, it can also provide some options.

Mundane astrology

Babylonian astrology, also known as mundane astrology or political astrology, is the oldest branch of astrology that uses horoscopes to analyze world affairs and events, usually the weather and politics. Most historians believe it emerged within the second or third millennium before the common era, with other forms of horoscopic astrology being invented and popularized around the sixth century before the common era.


A horoscope diagram based on the curator's date, time, and location of birth. A horoscope is a chart or diagram that maps out where the planets and stars are in relation to Earth at a given date, time, and location. They're typically generated for someone's birth for natal astrology, but can also be generated for other situations as explained in the previous sections.

Twelve houses

Western astrology divides the chart into twelve houses and their division relies on a bunch of factors that are way too convoluted to summarize within a short paragraph. Each house represents an aspect of life that play a significantly huge role in regards to interrogatory astrology.

House Latin Title Modern Title Modal9) Hemispheres10)
1st Vita (Life) House of Self Angular Northern, Eastern
2nd Lucrum (Wealth) House of Value Succedent Northern, Eastern
3rd Fratres (Brothers) House of Communications Cadent Northern, Eastern
4th Genitor (Parent) House of Home and Family Angular Northern, Western
5th Nati (Children) House of Pleasure Succedent Northern, Western
6th Valetudo (Health) House of Health Cadent Northern, Western
7th Uxor (Spouse) House of Partnerships Angular Southern, Western
8th Mors (Death) House of Reincarnation Succedent Southern, Western
9th Itor (Journeys) House of Philosophy Cadent Southern, Western
10th Regnum (Kingdom) House of Social Status Angular Southern, Eastern
11th Benefacta (Friendship) House of Friendships Succedent Southern, Eastern
12th Carcer (Prison) House of Self-Undoing Cadent Southern, Eastern

Key symbols

Astrological Symbols

  • Sun (☉)
  • Moon (☽)
  • Mercury (☿)
  • Venus (♀)
  • Earth (⊕)
  • Mars (♂)
  • Jupiter (♃)
  • Saturn (♄)
  • Uranus (♅)
  • Neptune (♆)
  • Pluto (♇, ⯓)

Astrological Aspects

  • Conjunction (☌) - Shares sign with. (0°)
  • Sextile (⚹) - Two signs apart. (60°)
  • Square (□) - Three signs apart. (90°)
  • Trine (△) - Four signs apart. (120°)
  • Opposition (☍) - Six signs apart. (180°)

Astrological Signs

  • Aries (♈)
  • Taurus (♉)
  • Gemini (♊)
  • Cancer (♋)
  • Leo (♌)
  • Virgo (♍)
  • Libra (♎)
  • Scorpio (♏)
  • Sagittarius (♐)
  • Capricorn (♑)
  • Aquarius (♒)
  • Pisces (♓)

Miscellaneous Symbols


  • There have been discussions of a potential 13th zodiac sign between Scorpio and Sagittarius named “Ophiuchus” (⛎) but it boils down to astrologers explaining that constellations and signs aren't the same thing despite their naming schemes, and astronomers being irritated that astronomy is still being mistaken for astrology. The “re-calculated zodiac” story is from September 2016 and was debunked.
1) , 5)
• Fire signs are energetic, optimistic, and kind, but can be autocratic having control of their own lifes.
• Earth signs are practical and cautious, but aren't wasteful when it comes to generosity and slow to commit.
• Air signs are excellent communicators and imaginative, but can be sarcastic or rude.
• Water signs are emotional and sympathetic to those close to them, but can be difficult to work with.
2) , 6)
• Cardinal signs are courageous and self-motivated, but can be hard to influence.
• Fixed signs are dependable and have endurance, but can be stubborn wishing to see things through.
• Mutable signs are friendly and adaptable, but can be selfish or ruthless when threatened.
3) , 7)
• Positive signs are masculine, as in extroverted, confident, assertive, and solve problems with courage.
• Negative signs are feminine, as in introverted, shy, passive, and solve problems with intuition.
4) , 9)
• Angular houses have a strong influence. It can make up for a lack of cardinal signs.
• Succedent houses focuses on possessions and creativity. It can make up for a lack of fixed signs.
• Cadent houses have to do with talent and aptitudes. It can make up for mutable signs.
8) , 10)
• The northern hemisphere represents distancing oneself to focusing more within.
• The southern hemisphere represents being sensitive to others and preferring to do things at home.
• The eastern hemisphere represents a self-motivator who carries the burden of being the initiator.
• The western hemisphere represents diplomacy in keeping friends on their side and supporting others.
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