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UWAAAAA” (うわあああ/うわぁぁあぁ) is an AA character based on an illustration of Morala screaming as Cornbeef-tan turns a live cow into corned beef, as posted on BBSPink's /ascii2d/ on February 18, 2003.1) He would later become the foundation of Daddy Cool.

Text artwork

The original comic that UWAAAA originates from, which depicts Morala's shock as Cornbeef-tan dismantles a cow.

    /\___/ヽ   ヽ
   /    ::::::::::::::::\ つ
  . |  ,,-‐‐   ‐‐-、 .:::| わ
  |  、_(o)_,:  _(o)_, :::|ぁぁ
.   |    ::<      .::|あぁ
   \  /( [三] )ヽ ::/ああ
    /\___/ヽ   ( こ
   /    ::::::::::::::::\
  . |  ,,-‐‐   ‐‐-、 .::::|  ┼'っ
  |  '"⌒` ,: '"⌒` :::|   l
.   |  , 、_:< __,、  .::|
   \ /\i_i_i_/ヽ ::/  l |
   /`ー‐--‐‐―´\    ノ

T/N: “Niyari” (にやり) means “grin”.


  • His best known Flash animation is a rather short animation, featuring the Japan-exclusive2) BPS version of Tetris, where the straight tetromino piece lands into a non-optimal spot. This causes him much grief, as “TECHNOTRIS” changes to “KARINKA”, and he gets a game over.3)
  • If you're intrigued about the BPS version of Tetris, be warned that the controls are unusual and lacks the “soft drop” featured in most Tetris clones, including the Nintendo and Tengen version.

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"朝まで起きてたのに・・・" (January 14, 2003). BBSPink /ascii2d/.
The BPS version for the Famicom was only released in Japan, but it did manage to get onto unauthorized carts and multicarts, so it technically has unofficially released outside of Japan.
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