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Bisuke-tan (ビスケたん), also called Biscuit-tan,1) is an AA character who is a gijinka of a KFC biscuit.2) She had surfaced on March 26, 2002 in an off-topic thread about KFC biscuits that, for some reason, was made on the adult-oriented BBSPink /ascii2d/ board.3)

As a byproduct of erotic delusions, she has a biscuit on her head, short blue hair, a white dress, and blue-white striped panties. It could be said that she played a role in igniting the Gijinka Boom that led to the creation of OS-tans and such.

Text artwork

   ,彡ノフハヾ   / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
    <ル゚ ヮ゚ノゝ <  Let's play with biscuits in the new thread♪
    く,.ソYi,ゝ   \_____

Soft drink derivatives


  '´   ヽ
 lカノノル ピノス
 从タ ゚ ヮ゚ノソ
   (/ ∪

Cal-tan (カルタン, Karu-tan), or Calpis-tan, is a Calpis gijinka who has light blue hair, possibly twin-tails, and a light blue polka dot dress. She was made in 2channel's /flash/ board in July 2003.


  '´   ヽ
 lヤノノク ルト)
  |iiタ ゚ ヮ゚ノソ
 从 |二|从人
   (/ ∪

Yakul-tan (ヤクルタン, Yakuru-tan) is a Yakult gijinka who is Cal-tan's slightly older friend. She usually has long orange hair and her body is more glamorous or mature.

Canned food derivatives

Sea chicken-tan

   '´    ヽ
  i ノリノ)))〉
  ノ。(l!゚ ー゚ノ
  ((( く/__l〉リ
   `` し'ノ

Sea chicken-tan (シーチキンたん, Shī chikin-tan) is a canned tuna4) gijinka and the oldest of the four. She has blue hair, but small breasts and she'll smack you with a tuna if you point it out.


 ,.'´   ヽ
 ! //ノハノ)ハ
 ヽ! i・o-oノ!i
.. リと Y )つ.

Surs-tan (シュールたん, Shūru-tan)5) is a canned surströmming gijinka, the second oldest. She wears glasses, has green hair and big breasts, but she's shy and conscious of her smell.6)


  ロ´  ロ
  ! ノメノ)ノ)
  ⊂{( Y )}⊃

Cornbeef-tan (コンビーフたん, Konbīfu-tan) is a canned corned beef gijinka, the first canned gijinka7) and the second youngest. She's energetic, pink haired, and can easily dismantle a cow.


  イ /((^リ))ヽ
  / リ ゚ -゚ノリ)
   . /__l_〉

Taraba-tan (タラバたん, Taraba-tan) is a canned red king crab gijinka and the youngest of the four. She has red hair, and she tends to bad mouth despite being in nursery school.

See also

A “biscuit” is called “bisuketto” (ビスケット) in Japanese, but can be abbreviated as “bisuke” (ビスケ).
By “biscuit”, we are referring to the soft bread biscuit, not to the hard cookie biscuit.
“Sea Chicken” is a Japanese brand of canned tuna sold by Hagoromo Foods. The product is named after how tuna fishermen would shout “chicken of the sea” when they spot an albacore or longfin tuna.
Surströmming is “shūrusutoremingu” (シュールストレミング) in Japanese. I've decided to use “Surs-tan” instead of “Sur-tan” as it flows better and won't be confused with a leather brand or place in Azerbaijan.
Surströmming is a fermented, lightly salted Baltic herring. A strong putrid smell is released when the can is open, which is why it's often recommended to open away it in a field or submerged in water.
"朝まで起きてたのに・・・" (January 14, 2003). BBSPink /ascii2d/.
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