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Afoshii (アフォしぃ),1) also known as Ahoshii or AfoC, is the irritating Shii variants with sociopath tendencies, obviously intended to enrage the reader into being comfortable with their deaths in the AA abuse that arose in the Genocide Boom. She is controversial, partially by design.2)


In contrast to the original, Afoshii is a talkative, egotistical character who tends to use idiotic or inappropriate language (e.g. bothers people for hugs and sex, lengthy half-width katakana sentences),3) justifies criminal and disruptive acts (e.g. abuse, massacre, scattering their fecal matter), and will foolishly try to solve all their issues with hugs or sex.4) They act in groups and never seem to die, always coming back.

Due to her self-centered nature, she considers herself the “cutest” and shows no regard for victims, bullying or discriminating against easy targets, such as “Dii” (でぃ). If she has children, Afoshii loves them, though she'll occasionally abuses them depending on her mood. When her advances are rejected, she may claim that the other party is some kind of “genocidal freak” (虐殺厨, gyakusatsu-chū).

Text artwork

   ∧ ∧ キィ!キィィ!
   (*゚ー゚)      ∧∧
   U  |   ∧,,,,,,(゚ー゚*)
 ~(  _,つΣ※<#と  )
   U´   (/"(/`;;(_つ_`⊃
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄


  • Another name for Afoshii is “Shitty Comic Insect Cat” (糞同人虫猫, Kuso Doujin Mushi Neko).
  • If someone's putting in the effort to differentiate Afoshii from Shii, her butt will stick out.
  • She's mostly a cheap, one-note, “cruelty for cruelty's sake” villain, so you won't really get anywhere if you're trying to analyze how misogynists or self-hating women influenced Afoshii's personality.
  • Afoshii on the 2ch AA Illustration Project
  • Afoshii on Pixiv Encyclopedia

  |END |
    ̄| ̄ハ,,ハ
    |⌒|⌒|o )
     ⌒ ⌒ν
The term “afo” (アフォ) is internet slang for “aho” (アホ), meaning “idiot”.
In general, please remember that AA abuse was partially meant to troll users who were invested in these cats, who usually makes the argument that Afoshii acts nothing like the original Shii at all.
Some examples of this include: “hanyān” (ハニャーン), “matāri” (マターリ), “dakko” (ダッコ), “koubi” (コウビ), “minna na kayoku hanyanyān” (ミンナナカヨクハニャニャーン), and “kyou mo genki nishishishi~” (キョウモゲンキニシィシィシィ~), etc.
To be specific: “dakko” (ダッコ) is a childish form of “daku” (抱く, lit. “to hug”). “koubi” (交尾) is a term for “animal mating” since they are animals, but easier translated as “mate” or “sex” here.
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