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Bill Romanowski Painting

Romo”,1) or “Painting of a Horse Attacking a Football Player”,2) is a 16“ x 20” oil painting that was done by “T” in 20033) and sold to Andrew Hussie, who held a fundraiser that reached its goal within three weeks, for $425 in January 2008.4)


The oil painting was uploaded around October 10, 2003, after linebacker Bill Romanowski was essentially sidelined for the 2003 Oakland Raiders season,5) and caught the interest of Andrew Hussie who wrote a paragraph-long review. On December 17, 2007, Andrew Hussie return to the odd painting, failing to lower the $425 price tag,6) and decided to hold his webcomic activities hostage7) with a $425 fundraiser.8)

It reached its goal in three weeks, so he had it delivered to him on January 18, 2008. About a year later, he preserved the journey in a blog post9) and uploaded a new Jandrew Edits video with the painting in it.10)11) From there, the painting would make several cameos in the Homestuck universe.12)13)14) As of December 19, 2013, it's suspected that the painting was lent to Ryan North.15)


  • Dirk Strider in Homestuck doesn't have the same orange color as the Denver Broncos and it's unlikely that Hussie would've thought that far ahead if his book commentary is anything to believe.
There's a “03” next to the artist's signature and an archived version of the original page suggests that the painting was uploaded before or on October 10, 2003.
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