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Newcomer Bait

Newcomer Bait” (新参ホイホイ, Shinzan Hoihoi)1) was the derogatory nickname for Reisen Udongein Inaba from Touhou Project, accusing Reisen of having a basic “template-like” design to attract newcomers to the series. The term mostly fell out of use by the early 2010s.


There was a notorious Touhou Project boom in the late 2000s as animations for the doujin music scene like Marisa Stole The Precious Thing or Overdrive became really popular. As a result, some people joked that Reisen is only popular since her iconic rabbit ears and blazer stood out, which is furthered by the fact that the Overdrive animation is completely nonsensical, even with full context of the jokes in it.

It was argued that the term could be applied to Alice Margatroid, Aya Shameimaru, Sanae Kochiya, and Rin Kaenbyou as well, but these claims generally didn't get far. Of course, it became clear that Touhou Project was immensely popular, so the term kinda died out as it'd be awkward to keep instigating fights over it when a growing majority of the community were newcomers.


  • There have been attempts to spread the term onto characters from other franchises, like Kongou or Shimakaze from Kantai Collection, but these generally didn't take off.

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“Hoihoi” (ホイホイ) is a greeting. In this context, it's used as an indicator to show what type of person would fall for this.
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