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Kimoi Girls

Kimoi Girls” (キモーイガールズ)1) is a viral panel of two girls laughing in the 20012) adult manga, PAY BACK by “Jun Nitta” (にったじゅん).3) This became a Futaba Channel meme near March 2003,4) being parodied until it became “Easy Modo” (イージーモード, Ījī Mōdo) internationally.


         し!     _  -── ‐-   、  , -─-、 -‐─_ノ
           // ̄> ´  ̄    ̄  `ヽ  Y  ,  ´     ).   Ehh?
  Being a   L_ /                 /        ヽ  Seriously?
 virgin past  / '                     '           i  You're
. elementary ./                 /           く  a virgin!?
  school   l           ,ィ/!    /    /l/!,l     /厶,
  is totally i   ,.lrH‐|'|     /‐!-Lハ_  l    /-!'|/l   /`'メ、_iヽ
. inexcusable,l  | |_|_|_|/|    / /__!__ |/!トi   i/-- 、 レ!/   / ,-- レ、⌒Y⌒ヽ
  isn't it?  _ゝ|/'/⌒ヽ ヽト、|/ '/ ̄`ヾ 、ヽト、N'/⌒ヾ      ,イ ̄`ヾ,ノ!
.        「  l ′ 「1       /てヽ′| | |  「L!     ' i'ひ}   リ
        ヽ  | ヽ__U,      、ヽ シノ ノ! ! |ヽ_、ソ,      ヾシ _ノ _ノ
-┐    ,√   !            ̄   リ l   !  ̄        ̄   7/
  レ'⌒ヽ/ !    |   〈       _人__人ノ_  i  く            //!
人_,、ノL_,iノ!  /! ヽ   r─‐- 、   「      L_ヽ   r─‐- 、   u  ノ/
      /  / lト、 \ ヽ, -‐┤  ノ         了\  ヽ, -‐┤     //
        {  /   ヽ,ト、ヽ/!`hノ  )  How   .|/! 「ヽ, `ー /)   _ ‐'
Gyahaha .ヽ/   r-、‐' // / |-‐ く  pathetic!  > / / `'//-‐、    /
hahahaha! .> /\\// / /ヽ_  !        .(  / / //  / `ァ-‐ '
        / /!   ヽ    レ'/ ノ        >  ' ∠  -‐  ̄ノヽ   /
       {  i l    !    /  フ       /     -‐ / ̄/〉 〈 \ /!

The story begins with two high school girls making a boy embarrass himself for their amusement, asking if he had sex which leads to the famed scene. However, the boy's bōsōzoku older sister would drag these girls to a warehouse the next day and, without getting into detail, forces the two girls to let the boy lose his virginity with them, then proceeds to imply that the two would be gangraped by 50 people every day.

Easy Modo

In 2006, the doujin circle IOSYS produced their 3rd Touhou Project doujin album “Touhou Tsukitourou” and would release a promotional Flash animation for “Stops at the affected area and immediately dissolves ~ Lunatic Udongein” (患部で止まってすぐ溶ける 〜 狂気の優曇華院), which was an arrange of “Lunatic Eyes ~ Invisible Full Moon” that was later nicknamed “Overdrive” internationally.5)

This animation is mostly memorable for the Kimoi Girls parody in the middle, featuring Reisen and Tewi who mocks people who play on Easy Mode. However, most international users took it at face value without any knowledge of the original context and decided to run with it, constantly referencing the parody by using “Easy Modo” which makes light of how “Easy Mode” is transliterated as “Ījī Mōdo” (イージーモード).


  • This was mostly a Futaba Channel meme, not a 2channel meme for a number of reasons.
    • Despite the AA conversion, it was difficult to edit since it used vertical writing and the text bubbles are a bit small, making it hard for an inexperienced person to edit it without destroying it.
    • Futaba Channel users were able to make countless parodies since it was an image to begin with, while 2channel users were stuck calling each other virgins with it.

See also

“Kimoi” (キモイ) is often translated as “gross” or “disgusting” and people don't really question it, but it originally began as a slang term for “kimochi warui” (気持ち悪い, lit. “feeling bad”).
“Jun Nitta” released PAY BACK in a tankoban titled “Doutei Panic!!” (童貞パニック!!, lit. “Virgin Panic!!”), which also lists the author's name as “Jun Nitta” instead of the reverse order on the cover.
"にったじゅんは最高だ!!" (August 25, 2002). BBSPink /erocomic/.
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