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Yagokoro (ヤゴコロ), also known as Yagokoro Sensei (ヤゴコロ先生), was a Touhou Project variant of Tsumuri with Eirin Yagokoro's nurse cap. This AA character reportedly debut in the “Alice Makes Friends Thread” at Shitaraba's Touhou Series Board on January 16, 2006.1)


They're said to be a mysterious counselor who does whatever they want, such as fidget with their hands, get fighter jets to dogfight, and swing leeks around. They will try to give thoughtful, sensible advice, but their erratic behavior makes it difficult to tell whether they're serious or joking. It should be noted that they have no relation to Eirin nor Tsumuri, which is why the “-sensei” part was later dropped to prevent confusion.

Text artwork

    !"〈╋〉`!     A mysterious counselor.
    ゝ-─-イ       They can quickly tell you what's wrong.
     |(・)。(・)| ( )    However, this is a completely
      |ヾ三ヲ└'ノ     different being from the real one.
    .|     l´

     (ヽ_ !"〈╋〉`!  /)
   ((⊂ iつゝ-─-イ⊂ i つ))
      ノ / |(・)。(・)|   ゝ.ヽ
    (_└─ ヾ三ヲ└―'  ノ  What's wrong with you? It's your head.
       ̄ ̄|     .l ̄ ̄´

See also

"【友達】アリスと友達になるスレ【百人】" (October 9, 2005). Shitaraba /computer/6306/.
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