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Shikenhani kokomade

Shikenhani kokomade” (しけんはんいここまで, lit. “This is the end of the test”) is an AA character that started out as a doodle1) from a high school girl's social studies notebook that her younger brother uploaded to /news4vip/ on January 1, 2005 while took a bath.2)


   | | | |
  ( ゚ω゚)  < This is the end of the test.

It's a rabbit-like character who can't read kanji, so she can only communicate using katakana. There really isn't much to say about her aside from that. She might also be known as “Onee-chin” (おねえちん).

About the sister?

The boy tells /news4vip/ that her older sister was born in the Year of the Snake,3) meaning she was 14 or 15, and that she's in her second year of high school while he was in his first year of high school. They live in Saitama, her sister goes to a school in Shibuya, yet she'll visit the temple at Narita-san. It's also said that she's into robots,4) would duck face,5) and owned light blue panties.

It's important to note that the IDs change depending on the day and the device used, so people reading the thread will see the boy post from “ID:CWyQ2wHA” (1), “ID:yZhzeY1R” (7~11), and “ID:4hn8gVdS” (24~129) for January 1, 2005, then post from “ID:2haCngxY” (153~275) for January 2, 2005. After this, it's unclear who the original poster is or if they were still around since everyone starts blogging about their sister.


In other words,
      ∧__∧ ll   The strange creature would appear, like someone
     |(・)。(・)| ( )  had just remembered something and exclaimed
      |ヾ三ヲ└'ノ   "that's right!" However, this creature saw limited
    .|    l´   usage since nobody knew how to use it.

Tsumuri” (つまり, lit. “in short”, “in other words”, “i.e.(id est)”) is an AA character that was also a doodle6) from a high school girl's notebook. Likewise, they only communicate using hiragana as well. However, they didn't stick for long since nobody knew how or when to use them. In the end, they were mostly forgotten to time and people only remember the Touhou Project variant, Yagokoro.

"姉のお風呂実況スレ" [Archive] (January 1, 2005). 2channel /news4vip/.
In other words, his sister was allegedly born in 1990 or 1991.
For instance, robot-centric franchises like Gundam, Mega Man, Super Robot Wars, etc.
“Duck face” (アヒル口, Ahiru-guchi) was a selfie trend from the 2000s where women raised the corner of their mouths. The intended effect is to make them look “cute” and, when it's done correctly, make their lips look fuller. As for the western internet, the trend was so prevalent on MySpace and Facebook that people just started to hate it because it was so overdone.
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