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Nijigen Ura (二次元裏, lit. “2D/Back”), or Nijiura (虹裏 / 二次裏), are a group of boards on Futaba Channel that are highly notable and each board has their own culture associated with them. There are currently five Nijiura boards, with two of them being hidden from the front page.


Around March 12, 2002, the first “Image Bulletin Board” (画像掲示板, Gazō Keijiban) was established, then a “Guro Image” (グロ画像) board was made on March 14, 2002 after numerous complaints.1) Shortly after, on March 16, 2002, the original board became “Sanjigen” (三次元, lit. “3D”), with “Nijigen” (二次元, lit. “2D”) being split off as a new board.2) After two months, Futaba Channel would start seeing server issues.

By June 2002, both boards had their own separate “Ura” (裏, lit. “Back”) boards, though “Nijiura Ura” became a buffer zone for newcomers and a means to keep the main board on-topic. However, it wasn't really all that notable until late 2002 or 2003. Then in 2003, many early Nijiura memes began to surface and “Toshiaki” had made his formal debut, becoming a default name after users began mocking him.

The first Nijiura board remained the only Nijiura board until January 1, 2005, when many other Nijiura boards started to surface. After this, the rest is history or mostly undocumented. Nijiura Nov was shut down in 2010 and remains the only board to be shut down. On December 8, 2018, Nijiura Jun moved from /b/ to /jun/. Then on July 30, 2020, Nijiura Dec moved from /b/ to /dec/. It isn't known why these changed happened.

List of Boards

The two classic Nijiura boards aren't listed on the front page to repel newcomers. These boards don't have a default name, so users may call each other “「」”, and threads cannot be replied to with images.

  • Nijiura Img - The oldest board. Most of the older users congregate here.
  • Nijiura Dat / Nijiura CGI / Nijiura ZIP - They're all the same board. Allegedly, there used to be a seperate Nijiura CGI board, but it later became apart of Nijiura Dat.

The modern Nijiura boards are visible on the front page and functions as expected. The default name is set to “Toshiaki” (としあき) instead of “Nanashi” (名無し, lit. “Nameless”). On Nijiura May and Nijiura Jun, the default subject is set to “Munen” (無念, lit. “Regrets”) instead of “Mudai” (無題, lit. “No Subject” or “Untitled”). It seems like there's also been an attempt to swap Nijiura May and Nijiura Dec around.

  • Nijiura May - The most active since it used to be the first one listed. Houses almost everything.
  • Nijiura Nov - Birthplace of “Majiresu” (マジレス), but removed in 2010 for unknown reasons.
  • Nijiura Jun - This board focuses on erotica, but there's some original content and edits as well.
  • Nijiura Dec - The least active. It seems to house casual discussion and live anime commentary.


It's generally a good idea to lurk in order to get a feel of the board before posting,3) or else you'll mindlessly disrupt the culture. The newcomer friendly board is said to be Nijiura May, but the other boards aren't as forgiving. For starters, avoid common Japanese posting habits (e.g. AA, “www” for laughter, etc.)4) and be mindful that each board has their own set of local rules in addition to the regular rules.

The site rules allow the Nijiura boards to be off-topic, but there's also several other rules (e.g. don't discuss politics or ethnicity, avoid uploading loli or guro, don't cause heavy server load or spam/vandalize, don't cause mischief such as riots or doxing). Otherwise, the boards have always been autonomous and reporting can be done on the “Preparation” (準備, Junbi) board, though the “del” button is also useful.

In the past, people thought the board was “rule-free” when it actually wasn't. This misconception would cause 4chan's “/b/” board, and every “/b/” board based on it, to be way different from Nijiura.


  • Toshiaki (としあき) - In April 2003, a vandal under this name wanted a specific doujinshi uploaded.5) Instead, the users started making posts under his name, then the administrator saw and set the default name to “Toshiaki” for fun. This was thought to be temporary, but the name remains to this day.
    • Sureaki (スレあき) - Thread Toshaki, the Toshiaki who made the thread.
    • Joshiaki (じょしあき) - Female Toshiaki, since most Toshiaki are assumed to be male.
      • Mesuaki (メスあき) - Female Toshiaki, except somewhat derogatory.
    • Puroaki (プロあき) - Professional Toshiaki. Everyone in society is a professional at something, but for this particular instance, it's often used to describe artists.
    • Yuriaki (ゆりあき) - The default name on the Yuri board. (Why is this here then…)
    • Tosshi (とっしー) - This is sometimes used as second-person pronoun for Toshiaki.
  • Toshiaki is often depicted as a bearded, fat, unemployed virgin with glasses in black-and-white, which is a lot more honest than anonymous suit man.

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"■削除依頼■" (October 17, 2001). Futaba Channel /junbi/.
"☆☆☆リクエスト☆☆☆" (September 1, 2001). Futaba Channel /junbi/.
There's a saying known as “Hantoshi ROM” (半年ROM) which means “be a Read-Only Member for half a year”, though it's usually translated to “lurk for six months” instead. This saying dates back to the 1990s.
Some boards allegedly have word filters in place to avoid such situations.
The doujinshi in question is titled “15 Kaiten” (15回転) which was released by the doujin circle, “Kaiten Sommelier” (回転ソムリエ), and sold at Comiket 63 (December 28-30, 2002). It can be read here.
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