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Nijiura Magnificent Ten

The Nijiura Magnificent Ten (虹裏十傑集, Nijiura Jukketsu Shu) are a random, hand-selected group of the first ten notable Nijiura memes on Futaba Channel when Nijiura only had one or two boards. Usually, most of the following have no connection with one another.1)

The group's name is a parody of the “Magnificent Ten” (十傑集, Jukketsu Shu) from the 1990s OVA, Giant Robo: The Day the Earth Stood Still. Like the original group, the memes that are listed here also have their own title of some sort, but those are omitted since they aren't important.


「お前ら、もう寝なさい」 Heika (陛下, lit. “Your/His Majesty”)2) is actually a character from Space Warrior Baldios called “Torinomias III” (トリノミアス三世) who dies in the first episode.3) The developers of Super Robot Wars Z, who were aware of the meme,4) gives him a cameo in Mission 17.5)

On Nijiura, he'd be posted with “Omaera, Mou Nenasai” (お前ら、もう寝なさい, lit. “You guys, go to sleep now.”) to disrupt heated arguments in the middle of the night. The proper response to this strangely dressed old man would be “Dare Kono Jijī” (誰このジジイ, lit. “Who's this geezer?”).


「2番たん」 2ban-tan (2番たん, lit. “#2-tan”), or Niban-tan, is a background character from the eroge visual novel Welcome to Pia Carrot 3. She is a red-haired character that has a yellow headband, blue swimsuit, a Number 2 pin, and a bright smile. In the original work, she stands next to the romanceable character at the swimsuit contest.6)

On Nijiura, she was named Akiko Shibamura (芝村秋子) and users would pretend that she was a main character since they didn't want her smile to go to waste. As for the Nijura lore, 2ban-tan was the daughter of Heika, who she isn't afraid to confront, and Waha's older sister. She would also routinely appear before the Munch thread was posted.


「わはー」 Waha~ (わはー) is a chibi version of Suzuran Yamato (大和鈴蘭)7) from the eroge visual novel, Suigetsu. In Suigetsu, she is a childhood friend of the protagonist who often yells out “Waha~” and she is secretly romanceable in the PC version of the game if you're a lolicon.8)

It's believed that her secret route in Suigetsu became a hot topic for a few days as it wasn't in the game's manual or packaging. Meanwhile, the chibi image of her is from a fanzine by “Tsuchimaya Niu” (土山にう) and became the subject of very early Photoshop experimentation.

On Nijiura, she's described as this mischievous troublemaker, with a sister named “Musu~” (むすー) and a pet human named “Choia” (ちょいあ).9) Somehow, she got a lot of attention in early 4chan and Wakachan, though I don't believe anybody knew why back then.


「…今のとしあきさんなら、もう大丈夫ですね」 Yuki Kotonomiya (琴乃宮雪), or Yuki-san (雪さん), is a romanceable maid from the eroge visual novel, Suigetsu, who is devoted to the protagonist. Her appearance is somewhat reminiscent of a white snow rabbit with red eyes. She loves the protagonist from the bottom of her heart, but refrains from acting on it as a maid.

On Nijiura, she is an all-purpose maid who does housework, be at one's guard during the night, and also battle with heavy weapons. She's also accused of pampering Toshiaki, which gets her the nickname of “Failure Manufacturing Machine” (駄目人間製造機, Dame Ningen Seizō-ki) at times.

Nenaiko Ghost

「ねないこおばけ」 The Nenaiko Ghost (ねないこおばけ, Nenaiko Obake) is from the cover of a Japanese children's book, Nenaiko Dare Da (ねないこだれだ)10) by Keiko Sena. The story tells a restless child's adventure with a ghost and it's supposed to show that ghost drawings can be cute.11)12)

In the early days, the Nenaiko Ghost served as an avatar for people who stayed up late. Then on Nijiura, the image was used to ridicule everyone who did stay up late, then the ghost on the book cover became the subject of many edits and parodies.


「…おしおきが、必要ですね…」 Manami Homura (穂村愛美), or Manamana (マナマナ), is a romanceable minor character from the eroge visual novel, Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. She is a shy, green-haired student nurse who is two grades below the protagonist. However, her route is infamously dark and traumatizing13) that some releases change this.

On Nijiura, she was a regular character that would appear at 19:30(07:30PM) JST,14) though she was promoted to nurse and uses a whip well. However, the source material can't be easily forgotten and some consider her an early yandere. She would later appear in Muv-Luv Alternative.

Chō Shiryū (Zhao Zilong)

「おはようございます! 趙子龍です! 今日も一日頑張りましょう!」 Zhao Zilong (趙子龍, Chō Shiryū) is a fictional character based on the real military general, Zhao Yun,15) and featured in Sangokushi which is a retelling of the classic novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The image was illustrated by “Satou K” (さとうK) for a 2channel /warhis/ thread.16)

As for the image, Zhao Zilong is depicted in athletic clothing, giving a thumbs up, and shouting “Ohayō gozaimasu! Chō Shiryū desu! Kyō mo ichinichi ganbari mashō!” (おはようございます! 趙子龍です! 今日も一日頑張りましょう!, lit. “Good morning! It's Zhao Zilong! Let's do our best today!”).


「The Scream」 Munch (ムンク, Munku) is an image that was routinely uploaded at 05:00(05:00AM) JST,17) informing users that it was morning. It's just a nickname for The Scream by Edvard Munch, which entered the public domain since Munch died in 1944 and the copyright length often expires 70 years after the author's death.

He is classified as a regular character and, as expected from Nijiura, there have been numerous edits and parodies of the image. There isn't much else to say about him, aside from how 2ban-tan would appear before the thread is made and the bridge being the Heika Bridge (陛下橋, Heika-bashi).

Abe-san (Yaranaika)

「やらないか」 Takekazu Abe (阿部高和), or Abe-san (阿部さん), is an auto mechanic from Kuso Miso Technique by Junichi Yamakawa, a one-shot bara manga that was originally published in Barazoku in 1987. As a warning, be warned that there is urination and scat in the source material.

The manga would be illegally uploaded onto Ayashii World around 2002, shared to Futaba Channel, then spread internationally to 4chan and he became the “Yaranaika” (やらないか, lit. “Shall we do it?”) guy. Of course, most of you knew this as it was memed to death.


「危い」 Abui ((あぶ)い, lit. “Dangerous”) was a traffic signboard by the Nakasengawa Town Council18) that was photographed and sent to the Takarajima magazine, since the publication reportedly had a “VOW” (Voice of Wonderland) section on weird city stuff. This sign isn't in the area anymore, given that the photo is over two decades old.

The signboard features a child19) with a casual expression as they run over a person with their bike, causing a bloody mess. It was accompanied by a large “abui” (危い), which is superfluous when they could've just used “abunai” (危) by itself. Like most of the entries on this page, it would be edited and parodied.

You could construct a family of some sort between Heika, 2ban-tan, and Waha, but I will forgo this.
“Heika” (陛下), or “Bìxià” in Chinese, is an honorific that means “from beneath the steps”, but it's roughly the equivalent of saying “Your Majesty” or “His/Her Majesty” to an emperor.
"誰このジジイ" (June 22, 2007). Niconico Douga.
"寺田宴発言". Super Robot Wars Wiki.
In Welcome to Pia Carrot 3, she'll only appear with Sayaka Takai, Tomomi Aizawa, Miharu Fuyuki, or Nana Kimishima. The other five characters don't appear to have CG with her.
This name has been rendered in Japanese order as “Yamato Suzuran” for several years now, but the truth is that “Suzuran” (鈴蘭) is the first name and “Yamato” (大和) is the surname.
“Choia” (ちょいあ) may actually be “Choir”, like Choir!, but “Choir” is usually “Kuwaia” (クワイア).
“Nenaiko Dare Da” (ねないこだれだ) means “Who's the Restless Child?”. The official English translation uses “Don't Want to Go to Bed?”, but they're rare and more expensive than importing a Japanese copy.
In short, she kidnaps and tortures the protagonist by making him crossdress, rapes him with a strap-on, urinates on him, and forces him to undergo sex reassignment surgery.
19:30 JST (7:30pm) is approximately 7:30am EST and 6:30am EDT.
“Zhao Zilong” (趙子龍) is the courtesy name given to “Zhao Yun” (趙雲).
"おはよう趙子竜" (May 10, 2009). Pixiv.
05:00 JST (5:00am) is approximately 5:00pm EST and 4:00pm EDT.
The “Nakasengawa Town Council” (中仙川町会, Nakasengawa Chōkai) is a neighborhood association that covers part of the “Nakahara” (中原) and “Shinkawa” (新川) districts of Mitaka, Tokyo.
The child's gender is somewhat ambiguous since it's hard to tell if they're wearing a skirt or shorts.
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