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2ch /ghard/

“Take it to Geha.”

The Video Game Hardware and Industry (ハード・業界, Hādo Gyōkai) board,1) also called the Geha Board (ゲハ板, Geha Ita), is a 2channel board that was made on April 4, 2000. While it is one of the Top 25 boards, that doesn't mean it has a good reputation.


In short, the board is infamous for being low quality, having low credibility, housing the console wars, and was considered to be a containment board back then. At some point, the board crossed over with /poverty/ and started to hate affiliate blogs. Most people browse for video game information, but some people get really into the whole board culture and start fights, refusing to listen to discussion or reason.


Don't use these terms unless you're starting a fight. Thank you.

Console War Insults

As usual, the Console War comes with a plethora of derogatory terms or insults for people suspected to be a fan of one of the major video game companies. Below are the most relevant terms on /ghard/.

  • Chikan (痴漢, lit. “Groper” or “Molester”) - Insult for Microsoft fans. On February 22, 2002, random customers anticipating the Xbox and Dead or Alive 3 were interviewed, but for some reason, one of the customers mentioned wanting to buy Ryoujoku Chikan Jigoku2) for some reason.3)
    • Chika (チカ) / Chika-kun (チカ君) - Shorthand insult for Microsoft fans.
    • Boxer / Xboxer - Dated insult for Microsoft fans. Apparently, it sounds lame?
    • Three Death (3デス, San Desu) - Reference to the Xbox 360's infamous RRoD.
  • ChikaNishi (チカ君) - Insult for Nintendo and Sony fans.
  • Gatekeeper (ゲートキーパー, Gētokīpā) / GK - Dated insult for Sony fans. In the early 2000s, there were Sony employees posting from the “” host name.
    • Gokiburi (ゴキブリ, lit. “Cockroach”) - Modernized insult for Sony fans. It stems from the saying, “GK detected” (GKの振り, Jī Kē no furi) which was then shortened to “GK buri” (GKブリ).
    • Degawa (出川) - Dated insult for Sony fans. In the 1990s, Japanese comedian Tetsurō Degawa wrote a PS2 shirt and the comedian wasn't really “cool”, so the company wasn't either.
      • Segawa (瀬川) - Dated insult for Sega fans.
    • Chon (チョン) / Chony (チョニー, Chonī) - Insult for Sony fans. Pun on "Chon" (チョン), which is an ethnic slur for Koreans. As a side note, Sony is actually a Japanese company.
    • Kusony (クソニー, Kusonī) - Insult for Sony fans. This shouldn't be hard to figure out.
    • PS Children (PSチルドレン) - Insult for Sony fans. This shouldn't be hard to figure out.
  • Ninshin (妊娠, lit. “Pregnancy”) - Insult for Nintendo fans. It stems from “Nintendo Shinja” (任天堂信者) being shortened to “Ninshin” (任信 / ニンシン), then misconverted into “Ninshin” (妊娠).
    • Nishi (ニシ) / Nishi-kun (ニシ君) - Shorthand insult for Nintendo fans.
    • Ninbuta (任豚) - Insult for Nintendo fans, meaning “Nintendo Pig”. The alternative since “ninshin” might offend pregnant people and script kiddies would attack random childcare threads.
  • Shinja (信者, lit. “Believer” or “Devotee”) - Basic term for a fan, but sometimes used as an insult.
    • Shain (社員, lit. “Employee”) - Basic term for a fan, but sometimes used as an insult.

In addition, there's another war against affiliate blogs or geha blogs, like “Hachimakikou” (はちま起稿) or “My Game News Flash” (オレ的ゲーム速報@刃, Ore-teki Gēmu Sokuhō@Ha) for instance, and their readers.

  • Hachimasan (はちま産) - Derogatory to Hachimakikou readers.


  • Baita (売女, lit. “Prostitute”) - A misspelling of Beta (ベータ, Bēta) from a PS Vita stream.4)
  • Departure (脱任, Datsunin) - When a multi-work franchise comes to the PlayStation, which does help avoid giving one company too much power. Recently, browser and mobile games count too.
    • Dappi (脱P) - Departure from the PlayStation. In other words, when a video game is no longer a Sony exclusive. This is a pun on “dappi” (脱皮, lit. "ecdysis") or “shedding”.
    • Nukenin (抜け任) - Withdrawal from Nintendo. Pun on “nukenin” (抜け忍, lit. “runaway ninja”).
  • “For who?” - (誰得, Daretoku) - In essence, "Cui prodest?" or “Whom does it profit?” (誰が得するんだよ, dare ga tokusuru nda yo). This was actually first used on /news/ in 2005.
  • Kusoge (クソゲー) - “Shitty Game”. Most of you already know this.
  • Owakon (オワコン) - “Finished Content” (終わったコンテンツ, Owatta Kontentsu). It's internet slang for products or series that have gone past their prime or jumped the shark in a way.
  • Sutema (ステマ) - Short for "Stealth Marketing" (ステルスマーケティング, Suterusu ketingu). It's a complex issue. It's like "shill" or "astroturfing", but not really. Mostly /poverty/.


  • All threads from November 2008 to March 2010 were lost due to 2010 March 1st Cyberwarfare.
  • The video game series, Hyperdimension Neptunia, has a few nods to the board's console wars along with other memes from 2channel. These references are usually lost in translation, so the localization team had edited most of them out. However, some are left intact, like Ranran and the Gehaburn which is one of Nepgear's weapons whose name is clearly inspired by the board.

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The board's original name was “Game Industry and Hardware” (ゲーム業界、ハードウェア, Gēmu Gyōkai, Hādouea), while the current name actually translates to “Hardware and Industry” (ハード・業界, Hādo Gyōkai) instead. To avoid injecting all of this into the first paragraph, I have extended the name somewhat.
“Ryoujoku Chikan Jigoku” (凌辱痴漢地獄, lit. “Rape Molester Hell”) is a 1995 visual novel by Anim.
"現SCEの会 Part75" (January 27, 2011). 2channel /sony/.
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