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Ranbuta (らん豚, lit. “Ran Pig”), also known as Ranran (らんらん), is a mild-mannered AA pig persona that people use to bash shitty games, generating a 'pig farm' (thread) for them. They're used like a kaomoji, but they're separate characters from Shobon and Tonky.

Habitat examples


Phrase Translation
(´・ω・`) Ranran♪ This is how they greet each other.
(´・ω・`) Are you, are you? A sort of provoking question, which is short for “yannoka?” (やんのか?).
(´・ω・`) Is that so~ They're not great communicators.
(´・ω・`) Hey, hey. This is what they say when they want the others to listen, and the expected response to show that the others are listening.
(´・ω・`) What, what?
Haa maji haa
(´・ω・`) *sigh* seriously…? A tired sigh, usually after something bad happens that spawns a lot of pigs.
(´・ω・`) One-shot They're shy, so be gentle on their first time.
(´・ω・`) Shitty game You should already know what this means.
(´・ω・`) Oho~ When they get excited.
Yāda yo
(´・ω・`) No way♪ When they disapprove of something.
Nani sore kowai
(´・ω・`) What the hell, that's scary… Don't threaten them too much.
Ranran wa buta, dakara muzukashī koto wa wakaranai yo
(´・ω・`) Ranran is just a pig, so they didn't understand anything you said. Don't be too verbose with your story.
Jyuawa kurukuru
(´・ω・`) *crackle* *rotate* Sounds of a pig being cooked.
Shukka yō
(´・ω・`) It's back~ This is what they say at the end of their lifespan… the game coming back online…
(´・ω・`) No way~
(´・ω・`) Compensation? Surely, after such a long downtime…


  • The first breed were originally fans of Fantasy Earth Zero, but they have since diversified.
    • Nobody knows where “ranran” (らんらん) came from. Many theories have surfaced.
  • There's a fine line between complaining and abusive actions (e.g. attacking a specific person, death threats, mudslinging, libel, etc.), so remember that the mask does not make you immune.
  • Yes, these were featured and parodied in the Hyperdimension Neptunia series.
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 (  ( ´・ω・`) Ranran♪
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