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Zettai Yurusanae

Zettai Yurusanae (絶対許早苗),1) or Yurusanae (許早苗), is a Futaba Channel meme featuring Sanae Kochiya from Touhou Project with the Majiresu unforgivable angle,2) as she came off as sadistic back then, and becoming the “aladdin god” (アラジン神, Arajinkami).3)

Standard language

The “gentleman's language” (紳士語, shinshi-go) was a typing style from Nijiura Nov that often appeared within these threads since half of Yurusanae was Majiresu, but following Nijiura Nov's removal in 2010, the language has become somewhat obsolete since there's no home to learn it and people are now less inclined to use it. As a result, a rough guideline was made4) and has been translated below.

  • The gentleman's language follows certain patterns, which makes it distinct from Kansai dialect.
  • Don't try to mix in your own sayings like a some kind of shitty tripcode user.
  • For laughter, you should only be using a singular “w” and up to 3 “w”s for regular material.
  • Don't mix standard language with gentleman's language, like “jitsuwa ~ rashii na” (実は~らしいな).
  • If you don't understand the material or joke, then don't reply.
  • You should not be using AA, emoticons, or punctuation. It's only allowed when you're a guest.
  • Don't get angry at the material, a “combo” of multiple posts, or type up a serious reply.
  • Grass, full stops, and blank spaces are normally taboo in Futaba Channel. (They're only permitted in gentlemen threads and derivative threads if the standard language is apart of the joke.)
  • Don't use ellipses (…) and “w” in the same post.
  • You should avoid line breaks as much as possible, but use them if the sentence is getting too long.
  • Don't use the gentleman's language in unrelated threads.
  • “Yana” (やな) is to Majiresu as “kudachi” (くだち) is to Pirusu.5) You should not mix them.

Regarding “yana” (やな)

  • : ~やなw
  • : ~やな…
  • : 枢やな
  • : ~やな!
  • ×: ~やな
  • ×: ~やな。

Regarding “rashii na” (らしいな)

  • : ~らしいな
  • ×: ~らしいな…
  • ×: ~らしいなw

Some of these may [intentionally] be out-of-style and I can't realistically keep up, so you might actually have to dig for things yourself.

Touhou-derived characters

  • Amajin (アマジン) - Tenshi Hinanawi with thick eyebrows as seen on the cover of the adult doujinshi book, “Touhou Ahegao Goudou” (東方アヘ顔合同), and laughed like “kyahahaha” (キャハハハ).
  • Hinayama-san (雛山さん) - A creature with Hina Kagiyama's distorted face. Probably dead.
  • Wachiki-chan (わちきちゃん) - The most unforgivable youkai, Kogasa Tatara. She usually attempts to form “wa-chi-yu-ru” (わちゆる), but will fall flat on her face if the combo is broken.
  • NB (New BBA) / Kichiren (キチ蓮) - Byakuren Hijiri, enlightened from eating a moth after fasting.
  • Kunnushi-san (クンヌシサン) - ZUN, a typo of kannushi (神主) which he often calls himself.
  • Mariture (マリーチャー, Marīchā) - A creature with the KanMari face that looks like a bodied Yukkuri.
  • 983 (Sakuya) / 9383 (Sayakuya) - Sakuya Izayoi, known for posting TAWAGOTO.

Non-Touhou characters

  • Danji-bu no Ishikawa (男子部の石川) and Ishikawa no Ushiro (石川の後ろ) - Refer to Airmoto.
  • Lifis (リフィス) - The brown-haired pirate from Fire Emblem who really loves Marisa.
  • Issac (アイザック) - A protagonist in Dead Space with the iconic RIG helmet.


  • The red-yellow “sunburst” background is often called the Flag of North Macedonia.
  • In the past, there were attempts to translate the name as “I'll Sanaelate you!”
“Zettai Yurusanae” is a pun on “zettai ni yurusanai” (絶対に許さない, lit. “absolutely unforgivable”).
The “unforgivable angle” (許されざる角度, yurusarezaru kakudo) is a tilted forearm gesture that usually features a thumbs up. This is normally considered a determination pose in Japan, but in some European and Latin American countries, the forearm gesture or bras d'honneur is considered to be obscene.
Sanae is an arahitogami (現人神, lit. “living god”), and people can misinterpret the kanji for “arahitogami” as “arajinkami” (アラジン神, lit. “aladdin god”). This doesn't actually mean anything, but it's interesting to note that “aladdin” (عَلَاء الدِّين‎) means “nobility of faith” as Sanae's backstory in her debut appearance has a lot to do with gathering faith.
"定型文など". Yurusanae Wiki.
“Majiresu” (マジレス) and “Pirusu” (ぴるす) are two fictitious characters based on notorious trolls that were said to have appeared in a photo allegedly depicting a Futaba Channel offline meetup.
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