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Xdao Nimingban

Xdǎo(X Island) Nìmíngbǎn(Anonymous Board) (X岛匿名版) is a Chinese1) bulletin board that would be inherited by “JiàngJiàngJiàng” (酱酱酱) and refounded on June 18, 2022, following the death of Adao Nimingban. It has the same design and layout as its predecessor.


Following the crowdfunding campaign for Adao Nimingban, “JiàngJiàngJiàng” eventually fulfilled his promise and established “Xdao Nimingban” at “” on June 18, 2022.2) “JiàngJiàngJiàng” wrote about the challenge of keeping the website going, while “BakaBoen” explains the new name and amended slogan.3) For some reason, the website appears to be gated off and restricted to legacy users.

List of Boards

• 🔐 = Board requires a phone number-bound account to view.
• Verification is broken, so it might be restricted to legacy users.
On that note, my IP address appears to be banned!

Note: This list was retrieved on 2024-04-11. It may have changed since then.

Website slogan

Original text English translated
开放包容 Kāifàng bāoróng Open and forgiving.
理性客观 Lǐxìng kèguān Rational and objective.
有事说事 Yǒushì shuōshì Speak what's on your mind.
就事论事 Jiùshì lùnshì And judge the matter as it stands.
顺猴者昌 Shùnhóu zhěchāng Those who obey the admins prosper.
逆猴者亡 Nìhóu zhěwáng Those who oppose the admins shall perish.


  • Xdao Nimingban is currently doing business with CyberNet Servers (CNSERVERS).
  • The “administrator” (管理员, guánlǐ yuán) role would be mistyped as “stork pear ape” (鹳梨猿, guàn lí yuán), later resulting in the users calling their own administrator a “monkey” (猴子, hóuzi).

See also

By Chinese, we're referring to the People's Republic of China or Mainland China.
"大家好,这里是酱酱酱。" (June 19, 2022). Weibo.
"无标题" (June 19, 2022). Xdao Nimingban /综合版1/.
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