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Adao Nimingban

Adǎo(A Island) Nìmíngbǎn(Anonymous Board) (A岛匿名版), formerly AC Nimingban (AC匿名版), was the Chinese1) bulletin board founded on October 21, 2011 and formerly affiliated with the AcFun staff until 2015. It had the nickname of Adǎo (A岛, lit. “A Island”), which is partially due to its former name.

Following an internal crackdown2) and an upcoming cybersecurity law, “AcFun” was dropped from the name and the website started to require identification while maintaining user-facing anonymity.3) The website would eventually shutter in early 2022.



“AC Nimingban” (AC匿名版) first launched at the “” subdomain on October 21, 2011.4) For 2012, the website saw this brief Komica raid, then migrated to “” on May 16, 2012 and upgraded their boards on September 23, 2012. Two years later, the website would close around late July to August 2014 for reorganization, then unveiled the “v3” upgrade on November 5, 2014.5)

On December 25, 2014, it was announced that the servers would move outside the country and the domain would change,6)7) but we only saw the domain change to “” on January 23, 2015. Then on February 10, 2015, a developer announced that the website would close for “five hours” to do maintenance,8) but this ended up being an indefinite closure.9)


It became evident that AcFun cut their ties with the project, so “AzureTimm” announced the launch of “Adǎo Nìmíngbǎn” (A岛匿名版) at “” on February 11, 2015,10) then they underwent a DDoS attack on March 2, 2015, so users took refuge at the Kukuku clone on March 6, 2015. Eventually, the developers would announce on April 1, 2015 that the website does intend to return.11)

The website finally arrived at “” on April 16, 2015 and managed to stand for two years, then it went down around July 19, 2017. Around this point in time, it's important to note that China was about to push a Cybersecurity Law that would require websites to identify their own users, which would force Adao Nimingban to adapt by requiring an account to post.12)


In August 2018, the website would temporarily rename itself to “Adǎo(A Island) Límíngban(Daybreak Board)” (A岛黎明版), but reverted back at some point. Out of nowhere, the administrator “JiàngJiàngJiàng” (酱酱酱) suddenly announced on February 22, 2022 that “AzureTimm” and “MOMO” wouldn't be paying for their server fees, accusing them of being blinded by greed13) and an internal split that somehow threatened to split the website up.14)

As a result, the website became “Bèitāi(Fallback) Nìmíngbǎn(Anonymous Board)” (备胎匿名版) and became read-only at “”. This administrator had started asking for ¥260,000 RMB, allegedly to cover 10 years of maintenance as it includes server costs (¥60,000) and salary wages (¥200,000).15) It isn't clear how much was raised, but Adao Nimingban would end up vanishing in May 2022.

Website slogan

Original text English translated
开放包容 Kāifàng bāoróng Open and forgiving.
理性客观 Lǐxìng kèguān Rational and objective.
有事说事 Yǒushì shuōshì Speak what's on your mind.
就事论事 Jiùshì lùnshì And judge the matter as it stands.


  • The “administrator” (管理员, guánlǐ yuán) role would be mistyped as “stork pear ape” (鹳梨猿, guàn lí yuán), later resulting in the users calling their own administrator a “monkey” (猴子, hóuzi).
  • The users are called zombies, rendered as “sāngshī” (丧尸, lit. “mourning corpse”) which is actually a reworking of “sàngshī” (丧失, lit. “lose loss”), which itself is an abbreviation of the old ACG term for zombie: “sàngjìn tiānliáng, rénxìng quēshī” (丧尽天良,人性缺失, lit. “lost conscience, barely human”).
  • “Reed-chan” (芦苇娘, Lúwěi-niáng) became its replacement mascot on April 27, 2015, which stems from a user who accidentally posted a random screenshot of the Resident Evil movie on Bilibili when they meant to post a suspicious common reed (芦苇, lúwěi) drawing on February 9, 2012.16)
  • It seems like you need to have an account in order to view posts made after a thread's 100th page.

See also

By Chinese, we're referring to the People's Republic of China or Mainland China.
In 2015, AcFun moved their headquarters from Wuhan to Beijing, then the news reported that three high-level personnel at AcFun were arrested for “unauthorized trespassing” (unauthorized hacking).
3) , 12)
In other words, user-facing anonymity still existed, but the administration could now tie your IP address (which most websites of this nature logged anyways) to your real-life identity if you wanted to post.
"有谁知道一年前的今天事什么日子吗?" (October 21, 2011). AC Nimingban /综合版1/.
"庆祝A岛V3界面启用~" (November 5, 2014). AC Nimingban /综合版1/.
"为让主站避免不必要的政治风险,近期我们将进行:" (December 25, 2014). AC Nimingban /综合版1/.
"有关A岛服务器搬迁和新域名" (December 25, 2014). AC Nimingban /综合版1/.
"关于A岛 O网页链接" (April 1, 2015). Weibo.
This statement is peculiar since websites of this nature typically operate at a loss.
"来自酱酱酱的一封信" (February 25, 2022). Adao Nimingban /综合/.
At the time of this writing, that would be asking for $40,860 USD, with $9,429 for server costs and $31,431 to pay salaries for ten years of maintenance on top of the $314 monthly minimum wage requirement.
To clarify: the user meant to upload this image, a drawing of reeds that suspiciously resemble female pubic hair and legs, but uploaded this image instead.
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