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Lidao Nimingban

Lǐdǎo Nìmíngbǎn (里岛匿名版, lit. “Interior Island Anonymous Board”), also known as LDNMB, is a Chinese1) bulletin board website that was founded on October 15, 2013. It was initially named 2333chan, a spin-off of AC Nimingban that aimed to retain the anonymity aspect.

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  • 2333chan - The front page of Lidao Nimingban.
The website administrator is reportedly a Chinese Canadian, thus outside of the Chinese jurisdiction.
“Zhōng Dà'èr” (中大二) is presumably an extension of “Zhōng'èr”/“Chūni” (中二) which is often used in the context of “Zhōng'èrbìng”/“Chūnibyō” (中二病), a slang term for a certain kind of teenage behavior.
It should be noted that “Not Safe for Work” (NSFW) was actually translated as “Jiāzhǎng Bùyí” (家长不宜), meaning “Not Safe around Parents”, but I used the original meaning for convenience here.
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