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Kukuku Nìmíngbǎn (kukuku匿名版, lit. “Kukuku Anonymous Board”), often called Kudǎo (ku岛, lit. “Ku Island”) or Kukuku, was a Chinese bulletin board that was established by “Guāngqūzi” (光驱子) on March 6, 2015, initially as an AC Nimingban clone. It went offline in 2024.


Around March 6, 2015, former AcFun Nimingban administrator “Guāngqūzi” (光驱子) cloned the website to “”, which later became “” on May 1, 2015,1) presumably to continue offering the common form of user-facing anonymity. This clone, which didn't have a name at first, was eventually asked to delete their data since Adao Nimingban technically owned it, so “” vanished in 2018.

Shortly after, Kukuku was rebooted at “”, where they initially used Fikaba before switching to the Lainchan fork of Vichan. This domain died in late 2019, so they moved to “” in 2020 and had attracted the pro-Western Shenshen liberals, then it died again in 2022 and moved to “” which the Great Firewall blocked. As of March 26, 2024, it is currently dead.2)

List of Boards

Kukuku blocks domestic web browsers that are based in the PRC. Therefore, they recommend Firefox, Edge, Chrome, or Safari.

  • General Board 1 [综合版1]
  • Fine Food [宠物] - Directory is “House Pets”.
  • Programming [技术] - Directory is “Technology”.
  • Photography [摄影]
  • Inquire 2 [询问2] (NSFW)
  • Funny Shit [欢乐恶搞]
  • ACGN [ACGN] - “Anime, Comics/Manga, Games, and Novels”.
  • VTuber [V]
  • Tree Hole [树洞]
  • Politics [政治]
  • International [int]
  • General Board 2 [综合版2]
  • Board Affairs [值班室] - Directory is “Control Room”.


  • In the past, Kukuku had the tentative nickname, “Guāngqū dǎo” (光驱岛), named after its founder.
  • Given its collective nickname of “Ku Island”, the users are often called “islanders” (岛民, dǎomín).
  • According to the flag counter, which might've been blocked by your ad blocker, half of their users come from Greater China. This is followed by the United States, Japan, Singapore, etc.
  • The users frequently use emojis, an unusual sight in anonymous communities, but this likely stems from the Shenshen's origins in Sun Xiaochuan-inspired “Abstractism” (抽象话, chōuxiànghuà).

See also

  • [Archive] - The front page of Kukuku, archived March 24, 2024.
"我们已经启用最新域名" (May 1, 2015). Kukuku /综合版1/.
The flag counter stopped working after March 26, 2024, the “” domain is parked, and its alternate domains lead nowhere. This normally suggests that somebody couldn't pay their bills.
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