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Komica, also known as K Island (K島, K Dǎo) and Bad Island (糟糕島, Zāogāo Dǎo), is a Chinese1) bulletin board website founded by “1883” around May 14, 2005. 2cat (雙貓聯合站, Shuāng Māo Liánhé Zhàn) is a separate website that acts as an alternative front page.


Before Komica, there was a Futaba Channel-inspired website called “2cha” which opened in October 2003, but suddenly closed on May 4, 2005.2) Shortly after, “1883” launched Komica on May 14, 2005 with a few 2cha refuge boards. Komica quickly partnered with 2cat on May 19, 2005, though both sites decided to keep their own homepages instead of merging them, with Komica keeping a traditional “frames” homepage.

The success of Komica and 2cat is mainly attributed to the resources that they had combined.3) Due to the amount of traffic, Komica moved its imageboards from 8Mbps/640kbps ADSL onto DreamHost with CoralCDN and left their textboards on ADSL. Between 2006 and 2011, a number of adult boards were set up, but they would be listed on “Komica2” due to concerns about content restrictions.

In 2013, there was a hack4) over fake nudes5)6) that turned out to be slander.7) Then in 2014, a bipolar man attempted suicide but the authorities were alerted in time,8) though users noted that “K島” was misread as Ketamine in the report.9) In 2017, Komica allegedly violated a rule with DreamHost,10) which broke their layouts for most boards,11) but they did have backups so everything got resolved within 12 days.12)

Following a Soyjak Party raid on Komica around July 28, 2023, the “” domain was suspended by their registrar on September 16, 2023,13) which forced Komica to migrate to the “” domain on September 19, 2023.14) Then on May 16, 2024, the servers went offline due to a policy violation, forcing the website to back up all of its data and slowly repair all the boards.15)

List of Boards

Warning: This page has 200+ links and isn't frequently updated! Some boards may have changed its domain, died, or the domain was lost.

Primary Boards

Note: This list was retrieved on 2024-05-22. It may have changed since then. ☠️ - Domain was lost.

Toggle the previous board list. (outdated, old translation)

NSFW Boards @ Komica2


  • The term “Komica” stems from “Comic Cast”, a comic rental shop that “1883” ran in the past, with the predecessor's name being an obvious homage to the Sega Dreamcast.
  • Komica users are called “dǎomín” (島民, lit. “islanders”), from “zāogāo dǎo” (糟糕島, lit. “bad island”).
  • For those wondering, the PTT Villagers and Komica Islanders are aware of each other.
    • While it's true that PTT was the first to discover Gikopoi,17) most of the Chinese users that recently use and migrated over to Gikopoipoi will usually mention Komica instead.
  • The board software varies per board, which can make reporting spam posts confusing. It'll usually be in the form of a “del” or “jiǎnjǔ” (檢舉) button, but be aware that reports may be public.
  • At one point, there used to be tons of Gyate-kora or “Cūnǎi-wán” (粗乃丸) images on the website.
  • Komica1 + 2cat - The official front pages for Komica and 2cat.
    • Komica2 - The website that houses Komica's porn boards.
    • Komica Wiki - The official Komica Wiki. Runs on MediaWiki and requires registration.
  • 2cat & Komica Official Blog - Self-explanatory.
  • @KomicaNews on Twitter - It seems to post random Komica threads from time to time.
The community is mostly inhabited by users from Taiwan, China and the Hong Kong SAR.
“2cha” was founded in October 2003 and it was a huge ACG hub, except it was hosted on a university's network and ECPAT presumably alerted them of the pornography, thus 2cha went down on May 4, 2005. It would return on March 19, 2006, but no longer held the status it once had.
“2nya” was their only competitor and that website lasted from June 2005 to June 2006.
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The alliteration of “Xiántán @ Xiānggǎng” (吹水@香港) gets lost in translation here.
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