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This article is about old Gikopoi. For new Gikopoi, see Gikopoipoi.

BarGikopoi Online (BARギコっぽいONLINE, lit. “BarGiko-ish Online”), also known as Gikopoi (ギコぽい),1) is a Flash-based AA chatroom developed by “llll” as a BarGiko clone in July 2005 which later became its unofficial successor.2) It still works, but people barely visit it.

Server list

A screenshot of Gikopoi's international server, note the translated road markings. There are three main Gikopoi servers in total with numerous rooms that users could broadcast and chat in, presented below:

  • General (_gen) - The main Japanese-language server that was normally the most populated. It still is, technically.
  • Junior (_yng) - The alternate Japanese-language server for underage users. It was likely meant to mitigate stress and be the “safe” alternative since the game is “technically” for adults.
  • International (_for) - The server for foreigners. It was aimed towards English users who found it on 4chan in November 2005, then Chinese users from PTT/Komica found it in 2006.3)

Additionally, there were secret “VIP” (_vip) and “Kawaisosu” (_kws) servers, but you could only broadcast at the bar and were normally empty since nobody was really visiting them in the 2010s.



Public Avatars

  • Giko (ギコ)
  • Shii (しぃ)
  • Naito Horizon / Boon (内藤ホライゾン)
  • Christmas Giko (クリスマスギコ)
  • Christmas Shii (クリスマスしぃ)
  • Furoshiki Giko (風呂敷ギコ)
  • Pianica Shii (ピアニカしぃ)
  • Apple Horizon (りんごホライゾン) - VIP only.
  • Chinpoppo (ちんぽっぽ)

Password Required

  • Kamen Giko (仮面ギコ)
  • Translucent Giko (半透明ギコ)
  • Darth Horizon (内藤暗黒卿)
  • Red Horizon (紅いホライゾン)


An alternate version of the map provided on Gikopoi. Seaside City (海辺の街, Umibe no Machi), or Sea City, is a place with a total of 32 rooms. You can move with the arrow keys, but you can also teleport by typing #rula or #ルーラ. This doesn't work for “Admin's Bar” and “Drunker's Bar” though.

  • Radio Studio (ラジオ局)
    • Radio Studio 1 (第1スタジオ)
    • Radio Studio 2: BEAT GIKO (第2スタジオ)
    • Radio Studio 3: G-SQUID (第3スタジオ)
    • Radio Studio: Dressing Room (楽屋)
    • Radio Studio: Greenscreen (舞台裏)
  • Kanrinrin Street (開発局通り)
    • Developer's Lounge (開発局)
    • Admin's Bar (秘密のバー) - Enter through the alleyway.
  • Bar Street (バー通り)
    • Bar (バー)
    • Sushi Vendor (屋台)
    • Eel Track (鰻道)
      • Shrine (神社)
      • Shrine Entrance (神社 入り口)
  • School Crossing (学校通り)
    • School: Hallway (廊下)
    • School: Classroom (教室)
    • School: Computer Lab (パソコン教室)
    • School: Cultural Room (国際科教室)
    • School: Schoolyard (校庭)
  • Bus Stop (バス停)
    • Seashore (海岸)
  • Underground Town (地下街)
    • Underground Town: Bar 774 (バー774)
    • Underground Town: Drunker's Bar (居酒屋 名無し) - Anonymity is enforced in this room.
  • Hilltop (高台)
    • Hilltop Stairway (高台の階段)
  • Cafe Vista (カフェ通り)
    • Well A (井戸A)
    • Well B (井戸B)
    • Banqueting Bar (宴会場)


The administrators did provide a list of prohibited behaviors on Gikopoi.4) However, it isn't known if these same rules were ever enforced on non-Japanese users in the international server.

  • Don't say stupid shit like “someone speak”, “give erp”,5) or end sentences with “ぉ” or “ぅ”.6)
  • Don't publish phone numbers, regardless of whether it's a landline number or cell phone number.
  • Don't publish anybody's real addresses.
  • Unauthorized access through the use of Flash disassembly.
  • Unauthorized use of accelerators7) and so forth.
  • Don't discuss crimes, partake in acts that encourage crimes, or post an advance notice of a crime.
  • Don't exchange money or securities (e.g. book cards, gift cards) within the Junior server.
    • Even if the exchange isn't announced on Gikopoi, such activities shouldn't be conducted through Gikopoi. For example: announcing a fundraiser on Gikopoi with your Skype account.
  • Don't broadcast “dentotsu”8) (i.e. streaming yourself spamming companies with phone complaints).


  • #rula” (#ルーラ) is a Dragon Quest reference, known as "Zoom" or “Return” in the localization.
  • When you tried to input “llll” as your name, it would get changed to Bae Yong-joon (ペ・ヨンジュン).
    • Of course, this can technically be circumvented by inputting “IIII” instead.
  • There were efforts to translate Gikopoi into other languages, but they didn't get very far.9)
    • In its early days, there used to be constant scuffles between English users and Chinese users.
  • 4chan's /b/ board used to wordfilter “gikopoi”, changing it to “ohno” for some reason.
  • At the time, people used idling scripts to keep Gikopoi open. “iccanobif” had created idlepoi, which would be ported to userscript by “roris” as idlescript and “2sh” as idlegiko afterwards.
In Japanese, the original BarGiko Online is called “Honke” (本家, lit. “Origin”), BarGikopoi Online is called “Gikopoi” (ギコぽい), and Gikopoipoi is called “Poipoi” (ぽいぽい).
2) , 3) , 9)
"BARギコっぽい国際の歴史" (December 10, 2007). Gikopoi International Otaku News Distribution Project.
"禁止事項". Bar Gikopoi Online Intelligence Agency.
“ChaEcchi” (チャH) is a Japanese term for text-based “erotic roleplay” (ERP).
Ending your sentences with “ぉ” or “ぅ” was a huge VIP trend in the mid-2000s. See also: Naito Horizon.
“Accelerator” (加速器, Kasokuki) likely means hacking the game so your character moves faster.
“Denwa Totsugeki” (電話突撃, lit. “Telephone Assault”), also known as “Dentotsu” (電突/電凸), is the act of flooding companies, corporations, media outlets, religious cults, and politicians with telephone complaints, sometimes to secretly record the call and extract a true motive. These attacks were organized on anonymous bulletin boards, back when people actually organized riots against companies in droves. Nowadays, these attacks don't happen as often since Twitter harassment is free and companies could just sue for defamation.
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