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This article is about new Gikopoi. For old Gikopoi, see Gikopoi.

Gikopoipoi (ギコっぽいぽい), formerly Gikopoi2, is an unofficial HTML5 successor to the AA chatroom, Gikopoi, that went live in late 2020.1) The project is led by “Icannobif” (“bif”)2) and it has many new features. Its short names are just Gikopoi or Poipoi (ぽいぽい).3)


A screenshot of Gikopoipoi's international server, note that all streaming channels are occupied in this screenshot. There are two main Gikopoipoi servers that, like the original, both contain multiple rooms that users may chat and possibly stream in:

  • General (_gen) - The main Japanese-language server. You can't change the language interface in this server.
  • International (_for) - The server for foreigners. English by default, but the language can be changed under preferences here.

From there, users may enter in an optional username and/or tripcode,4) choose an avatar, then log into the server. As previously mentioned, there is a preferences menu where users can change the UI language, theme, set up text-to-speech, underline usernames, and so on. Once you're logged in, you can chat, stream, and wander, but you might not find a lot of activity.



A number of default avatars can be used on Gikopoipoi. There is a number of hidden, secret avatars (not listed) that can be unlocked using a userscript, but I think it's overkill.

  • Apple Horizon
  • Pianica Shii
  • Schoolgirl Shii
  • Panda Naito
  • Hotsuma Giko
  • Tokita NaitoHW
  • Pumpkinhead GikoHW
  • Yurei NaitoHW
  • Shinigami ShiiHW
  • Uzukumari (Cowering)

Show hidden characters

Key(s): HR - Spring exclusive. GW - Golden Week exclusive. HW - Halloween (October) exclusive.


In addition to the original city from Gikopoi, there are new rooms inspired by BarGiko Online, Monachat, and planned recreations of maps that ultimately went unused in the original Gikopoi.

Room name Link Settings Notes
JP EN Anon Ch.
ラジオ局 Radio Studio No 0
第1スタジオ Radio Studio 1 No 2
第2スタジオ Radio Studio 2: BEAT GIKO No 1
第3スタジオ Radio Studio 3: G-SQUID No 3
楽屋 Radio Studio: Dressing Room No 0
舞台裏 Radio Studio: Greenscreen No 0
開発局通り Kanrinrin Street No 0 Chess.
開発局 Developer's Lounge No 2
秘密のバー Admin's Bar No 2 Old secret.
バー通り Bar Street No 0
バー Bar No 2
屋台 Sushi Vendor No 0
鰻道 Eel Track No 0
神社 入り口 Shrine Entrance No 0
神社 Shrine No 4 Chess.
学校通り School Crossing No 0
廊下 School: Hallway No 0
教室 School: Classroom No 0
パソコン教室 School: Computer Lab No 1
国際科教室 School: Cultural Room No 3
校庭 School: Schoolyard No 0
地下街 Underground Town No 0
バー774 Underground Town: Bar 774 Yes 0
居酒屋 名無し Underground Town: Drunker's Bar Yes 3
高台の階段 Hilltop Stairway No 0
高台 Hilltop No 2
カフェ通り Café Vista No 0
宴会場 Banqueting Hall No 3
井戸A Well A No 1
井戸B Well B No 0
バス停 Bus Stop No 0
海岸 Seashore No 0
Additional rooms
サイロ Silo No 2
転落死しました! You fell to your death! No 0 Wrong ladder.
忘れられた開発局 Lost Lounge No 1 New secret.
電車 Train No 1
噴水広場 Fountain Plaza No 3
BARギコ Bar Giko No 3
BARギコ 下階 Bar Giko Lower Floor No 1
コンビニ Convenience Store No 1 Seasonal changes?
ハッカーのアジト Hacker Office No 1
もなちゃと Monachat No 3
吉野家 Yoshinoya No 1
小川 River No 0 Seasonal changes.
囲炉裏 Fireplace No 1 Seasonal changes.


  • The default room is Kanrinrin Street, with no random chance of starting at the School Crossing.
  • All characters walk at the Eel Track speed, minus the sparkling trail, by default.
  • The minor animations, such as the fountains in Café Vista, the bushes, grill, and hot spring in Hilltop, the shores in Seashore, and the chicken in Schoolyard, are currently are not present.
  • Magic does not exist. You can access formerly secret rooms using #rula (#ルーラ), there is no limit to the shrine's donation box, and the hot spring does not do anything when you move around in it.
  • For the international server, the road surface markings in Kanrinrin Street hasn't been translated, the green arrow in Bus Stop is present, and there is no Chinese sign at Radio Studio.
  • You won't see the red messages that were targeted towards underage users about the time of day it is.
  • The chalkboard in Classroom isn't hooked up to a feed, so it doesn't cycle through headlines.
  • Kanrinrin Street has a new warp that lets you atop the wall, and another warp to the Lost Lounge area.
  • At the Hilltop, the warp point leading down to the Café Vista now leads to the Silo.


  • Gikopoipoi is FLOSS, so anyone could theoretically set up their own Gikopoipoi server.
    • In December 2022, a few users on “bifpoi” ( left for “altpoi” (
  • According to the annualevents.ts file, time in Gikopoipoi is as follows:
    • For the seasons: “Spring” is March 20th to June 20th, “Summer” is June 21st to September 21st, “Autumn” is September 22nd to December 20th, and “Winter” is December 21st to March 19th.
    • For holidays: “Golden Week” is April 29th to May 5th, “Spooktober” is October 1st to October 31st, and “Christmas Time” is December 1st to December 31st.
  • #rula” (#ルーラ) is a Dragon Quest reference, known as "Zoom" or “Return” in the localization.
  • The chess minigame is just international chess, not Shogi or Xiàngqí.
  • Gikopoipoi has a Chinese community that is mostly active between 13:00 to 16:00 UTC.5) Most of them will communicate using Traditional Chinese as they usually come from Komica.
    • Their name for Gikopoi is “Kēkēmāo Liáotiānshì” (科科貓聊天室, lit. “Gikoneko Chatroom”). If you're curious about the Simplified Chinese form, this would change one hanzi: “科科聊天室”.
  • For some reason, attempting to chat “sageru” will give you the Pile of Poo emoji.
  • If I choose to be known on Gikopoipoi, I will show up as “Nameless◆RUMIA.l2hM”, not to be confused with “Nameless” from East Lansing (@vipperand). I usually don't like streaming rooms.6)
  • Gikopoipoi (GitHub) - The front page and source code for the original Gikopoipoi.
    • (GitHub) - The front page and source code for the alternate server.
    • Gikopoi on Tanasinn - It's the closest thing to an unofficial English wiki.
  • Gorōn7) - The unofficial Japanese wiki, managed by “PINTO” who identifies as non-binary.
  • Gikopoipoi AtWiki - The older, unofficial Japanese wiki, though it seems dead.
The earliest mention of the old “” domain was around December 24, 2020.
Fun fact: Icannobif is Fibonacci backwards. He is a programmer and verified to be Italian.
In Japanese, the original BarGiko Online is called “Honke” (本家, lit. “Origin”), BarGikopoi Online is called “Gikopoi” (ギコぽい), and Gikopoipoi is called “Poipoi” (ぽいぽい). In English, it doesn't matter.
You don't have to enter a username. However, username and tripcode use isn't discouraged either.
13:00 to 16:00 UTC would be 21:00 to 00:00 in China. In other words, 8-11am (EST) or 9am-12pm (EDT).
The conversation in streaming rooms tend to gravitate towards the stream, which isn't ideal if you were just listening to something else and not some random person faff around at their computer.
The name is a Pokémon reference. This old Gikopoi wiki was named after Ishitsubute (Geodude), so logically, a wiki for its evolved form would be named after Gorōn (Graveler).
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