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Āwěidǎo(Reed Island) Nìmíngbǎn(Anonymous Board) (阿苇岛匿名版), or Āwěidǎo (阿苇岛) for short, is a Chinese1) bulletin board that emerged on June 4, 2022, following the death of Adao Nimingban. Given how the website made itself known, it was clearly designed with mobile users in mind.


Following the death of Adao Nimingban, users with the “Adao Nimingban” app were suddenly informed that “Lúwěidǎo” (芦苇岛) was created on June 4, 2022, though this later become “Āwěidǎo” (阿苇岛) as they settled on the “” domain. The website is still fairly new and moderately populated, so there isn't much else to gather about its history or structure.

List of Boards

Website slogan

Original text English translated
开放包容 Kāifàng bāoróng Open and forgiving.
理性客观 Lǐxìng kèguān Rational and objective.
有事说事 Yǒushì shuōshì Speak what's on your mind.
就事论事 Jiùshì lùnshì And judge the matter as it stands.

Note: This is the same unchanged slogan from its predecessor, Adao Nimingban.


  • Reed-chan” (芦苇娘, Lúwěi-niáng) continues to be Aweidao's blue-haired mascot.
  • There is a small town called “Aweitwan” (阿苇滩), derived from “Aweytin” (ئاۋىيتان), in Altay City, located within the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China.

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By Chinese, we're referring to the People's Republic of China or Mainland China.
The “Reunion Dinner” board prohibits current affairs, heated topics, news, and ranting over communities. Furthermore, it's strict against things that'd ruin the mood (e.g. boasting about looks or relationship status, discriminatory biases, flaunting wealth, malicious attacks, insults and slander, passive-aggressive responses). In other words, things that would sour dinner with the extended family and get your relatives to dislike you.
Aweidao isn't suited to be “archived” as the website heavily relies on JavaScript and it's super annoying to generate a fallback Pastebin file as you can't select and copy most of the text through normal means.
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