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The AcFun Danmu Video Network (AcFun弹幕视频网, AcFun Dànmù Shìpín Wǎng),1) also known as AcFun or A Site (A站, A Zhàn),2) is a popular Chinese3) video sharing website that launched on June 6, 2007 and focuses on the “ACG” otaku culture.4)

During the 2010s, AcFun had competed for the rights to new anime with Bilibili and they had the advantage. For instance, they managed to acquire SSSS.Gridman and Zombie Land Saga when Bilibili passed them over during the Autumn 2018 anime season. This war notably peaked with Bilibili attempting to suppress anime that AcFun ended up acquiring, such as the Rent-A-Girlfriend situation.5)

In other words, AcFun was able to play offense whenever Bilibili slipped up. Sadly in 2021, there was a new “review before streaming” process which placed AcFun at a disadvantage as they no longer had a way to compete for the rights to new anime. If you are curious about the anime that AcFun actually had compared to Bilibili, the list is actually quite small.

Website slogan

Original text English translated
认真你就输了 Rènzhēn nǐ jiù shū le6) If you're serious, you've already lost!
中国宅文化基地 Zhōngguó zhái wénhuà jīdì China's home cultural base.
天下漫友是一家 Tiānxià mànyǒu shì yījiā Under heaven, manga friends are family.
AC在,爱一直在 AC-zài, ài yīzhí zài Here at AC, love is always here.


  • The website mascot is “AC-niáng” (AC娘), an orange-haired girl with buns in her hair.
    • She used to have a younger sister named “TD-niáng” (TD娘), representing a now-defunct forum.7)
  • In 2011, AcFun had an imageboard at AC Nimingban, but severed their ties in 2015.
  • AcFun used to have a live streaming service, which has since split off and became DouYu in 2014.
  • On June 5, 2018, Kuaishou purchased AcFun,8) but technically aren't the true owners?9)
  • AcFun - The front page of AcFun.
  • AcFun on Moegirl Encyclopedia
“AcFun” is short for “Anime, Comics and Fun”, while “Dànmù” (弹幕, lit. “bullet screen”) is describing the barrage-style commentary feature that it eventually borrowed from Niconico around March 2008.
In the Chinese communities: AcFun is “A Site” (A站), Bilibili is “B Site” (B站), and Tucao is “C Site” (C站).
The company's offices are in Beijing, which is not a special economic zone or autonomous.
“ACG” (Anime, Comics, and Games) is a Chinese term that describes the main “otaku culture” interests. Around 2010, an attempt was made to expand it to “ACGN” (Anime, Comics, Games, and Light Novels).
Rent-A-Girlfriend had been a popular manga on Bilibili, but when AcFun acquired rights to the anime adaptation, Bilibili responded by purging its existence and Bilibili users were essentially forced to substitute “Lǐxiǎng Nǚyǒu” (租借女友, lit. “Rented Girlfriend”) with “Zūjiè Nǚyǒu” (理想女友, lit. “Ideal Girlfriend”).
The phrase “rènzhēn nǐ jiù shū le” (认真你就输了) may be rendered as “rènzhēn nǐ jiù shū la” (认真你就输啦), since “la” (啦) is a sentence-ending particle that comes from “leā” (了啊).
In the past, AcFun had a forum called the “Tóngnián Miànbāo Lùntán” (童年面包论坛, lit. “Childhood Bread Forum”) or “TNMB” for short.
“Kuaishou” is technically a company in the Cayman Islands, so they would legally have to sign a VIE agreement to control a domestic Chinese entity. They have yet to do so, thus are not the true owners.
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