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TOHO CLOCK was a collaborative project for a Touhou Project version of Uniqlo's “UNIQLOCK” flash. The project began on April 1, 2010 and finished March 30, 2010. Unfortunately, the original “” website had went down in April 2014 since its domain wasn't renewed.


The flash had short five-second movies every ten seconds with one-minute arranges, then the theme would change every hour. There were 431 participants, resulting in a grand total of 348 movies and 295 songs, though some non-serious songs had to be excluded. In July 2014, summary videos of all the movies1)2)3) and arranges4)5)6)7)8) were uploaded by “smlif catic” to Niconico Douga.


Chinese version

On January 30, 2015, the Chinese fanbase had launched the “TOHO CLOCK 2015” project, inspired by the original Japanese TOHO CLOCK project. Their goal is to accept submissions indefinitely, since the original had only accepted submissions for two months, and include post-2010 works. They only have 76 participants at the moment, so this version repeats a lot, but do note that they're still accepting submissions.9)

MMD version

In 2015, the “TOHO MMD CLOCK” project was established with a focus on brief MMD videos. It has become a recurring project, but they're mostly just showcase videos and don't actually tell you the time.

"TOHO CLOCK part1" (July 3, 2010). Niconico Douga.
"TOHO CLOCK part2" (July 4, 2010). Niconico Douga.
"TOHO CLOCK part3" (July 5, 2010). Niconico Douga.
"TOHO CLOCK MUSIC COLLECTION part1" (July 5, 2010). Niconico Douga.
"TOHO CLOCK MUSIC COLLECTION part2" (July 5, 2010). Niconico Douga.
"TOHO CLOCK MUSIC COLLECTION part3" (July 5, 2010). Niconico Douga.
"TOHO CLOCK MUSIC COLLECTION part4" (July 5, 2010). Niconico Douga.
"TOHO CLOCK MUSIC COLLECTION part5" (July 5, 2010). Niconico Douga.
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