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Vichan was a Polish bulletin board that was initially founded in late 2008 by Tomasz Konojacki, given to Marcin Łabanowski in late 2009, then it sorta decayed after 2012 until its death in 2018. Recently, it was revived in late 2020, secured “” in 2021, then died again in 2022.


2008–2010: Starym Vi

In late 2008, Konojacki establishes Vichan at “”,1) rumored to be private but slowly growing. Then, Eris-chan discovers Vichan, chaos ensued, Vichan becomes Eris-chan's unofficial refuge, then Vichan fell and the community moved to Eris-chan since nobody bothered to restore it.2) Suddenly, Eris-chan essentially died on July 2, 2009 which scattered the Polish userbase, and Konojacki hastily resurrects Vichan.

A few months later, Konojacki resigned on October 29, 2009, Łabanowski took over, and the culture starts to shift since forced anonymity was more appealing to Eris-chan's old userbase. Then on December 1, 2009, Vichan creates /3/,3) allowing them to adopt the tradition of “National Catholicism in daylight, philosophy in the evening” and yelling at Wykop. Some time later, Vichan fell again and Karachan took over.

2011–2018: Vichuj

On August 8, 2011, Łabanowski revives Vichan at “” and replaced Kusaba X with Vichan, the famous Tinyboard fork, while retaining their old posts. It would reclaim its position from Karachan, then it fell again. Vichan would be brought back for the fourth time in December 2012, but it wasn't the same as the new administration became extremely relaxed which, for lack of better words, allowed the cancer to fester.

Eventually, the community became “too normal”, the exact thing that they once despised. Afterwards, Vichan was allegedly sold to a Belarussian in 2014 who insisted on having advertisements, but nobody was really keeping track after this, and Wilchan was thrown into the mix at some point. Fortunately, it came to an end on April 22, 2018 and a small-scale war of Vichan successors ensued.4)


Then on August 26, 2020 at 9:45pm, somebody sets up Vichan at “”, and attempts to intrigue the former userbase by launching an IRC channel and talking about Tor posting. It struggled at first, but starts maintaining some activity after being online for a few months. Then on February 8, 2021, Vichan migrated to the old “” domain. After that, it went down in late 2021, then it died on April 9, 2022.

List of Boards


  • Tomasz Konojacki = “Xenu”. Marcin Łabanowski = “Czaks”.

See also

  • Vichan - The front page of Vichan, overboard by default.
  • /vichan/ on 8chan - The refuge where the Vichuj era userbase went. See also: Atenszon.
The WHOIS for “” indicates that the domain was registered on December 17, 2008, which lines up with the timespan that “” was active in, but nobody ever archived it until 2010?
A backup of Vichan was uploaded to Eris-chan's FTP server after it fell, but it was sorta just left alone.
/3/ was a “Random” board that allowed tripcode usage, but had relaxed moderation.
A /vichan/ board was made on 8chan, then “” was made on August 18, 2018. A war began, then “” died after a month and moved to /poland/ on Lolifox. Alternatively: Karachan or Wilchan.
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