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Turma da Mônica em: O Resgate

Turma da Mônica em: O Resgate (lit. “Monica's Crew1) in: The Rescue”) is a retooled version of Monster World II: Dragon's Trap,2) that was published by Tectoy for the Master System in 1993,3) and it features an entirely reworked story with Turma da Mônica characters.


According to the game's instruction manual, Capitão Feio has trapped Mônica in the Land of Monsters, so Magali asks Franjinha to teleport the crew there. However, the machine can only teleport one person at a time, so when Mônica gets trapped after defeating the Mecha Dragon from the previous game,4) Chico Bento is teleported in. The rest of Mônica's crew gradually roll in, then all of them go fight Capitão Feio.


There are six playable characters in Turma da Mônica em: O Resgate. Below is a chart that shows off their Monster World II: Dragon's Trap equivalent form and the localized names for Turma da Mônica's cast if available. Excluded from the chart is Cascão (Smudge) who acts as the shopkeeper, Franjinha (Franklin) who acts as the healer, and Capitão Feio (Captain Fray, Captain Ugly)5) who is the antagonist.

Wonder Boy Turma da Mônica
Human ヒューマン
Human Mônica Mônica Mónica Monica
Lizard Man リザードマン
Lizard Man Chico Bento Chico Bento Chico Bento Chuck Billy
Mouse Man マウスマン
Mouse Man Bidu Bidu Bidú Blu
Piranha Man ピラニアマン
Piranha Man Cebolinha Cebolinha(Chives) Cebollita Jimmy Five
Lion Man ライオンマン
Lion Man Magali Magali Magáli Maggy
Hawk Man ホークマン
Hawk Man Anjinho Anjinho(Little Angel) Angelito Angel

Equipable items

Wonder Boy Turma da Mônica
Swords Shields Armor Swords Shields Armor
Legendary Sword Legendary Shield Legendary Armor Poder Sol(Sun Power) Lendária(Legendary)
Thunder Saber Knight Shield Goblin Mail Poder Trovão(Thunder Power) Quartzo(Quartz)
Ivory Sword Ivory Shield Ivory Armor Poder Estrelas(Star Power) Ferro(Iron)
Magical Saber Dancing Shield Samurai Armor Poder Terra(Earth Power) Platina(Platinum)
Mithril Sword Mithril Shield Mithril Armor Poder Vento(Wind Power) Aço(Steel)
Lucky Sword Aqua Shield Dragon Mail Poder Lua(Moon Power) Diamante(Diamond)
Shogun Blade Shogun Shield Shogun Lamellar Poder Chuva(Rain Power) Bronze(Bronze)
Muramasa Blade Master Shield Prince Armor Poder Plantas(Plant Power) Mágica(Magic)
Crystal Sword Crystal Shield Crystal Armor Poder Cristal(Crystal Power) Cristal(Crystal)
Tasmanian Sword Heavenly Shield Hades Armor Poder Montanha(Mountain Power) Especial(Special)


Turma da Mônica was localized in English as Monica's Gang and, more recently, Monica and Friends. However, I've opted to use Monica's Crew instead because the localized names feel plain and unsatisfactory.
The original Japanese title was “Monster World II: Dragon's Trap” (モンスターワールドII ドラゴンの罠, Monsutā Wārudo II: Doragon no Wana), meaning that it was the second game in the Monster World series which itself was a spin-off to the Wonder Boy series. For some reason, it became “Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap” in English, despite the existence of Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair and it actually being the fourth Wonder Boy game as the following game was known as Wonder Boy V: Monster World III.
In short, Tectoy is a Brazilian toy company who struck a deal with Sega which allowed them to produce, publish, and distribute Sega's consoles and games in Brazil. Most of the Master System and Mega Drive's success in Brazil can be attributed to it being relatively inexpensive as it was produced locally, high import taxes made high-end consoles expensive, and they weren't in a rush to discontinue the consoles.
The previous game being Mônica no Castelo do Dragão (lit. “Monica in the Dragon's Castle”), a retooled version of Wonder Boy in Monster Land which is actually the second Wonder Boy game.
“Capitão Feio” literally translates to “Captain Ugly”, but is localized into English as “Captain Fray” instead.
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