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183(Iyami)” is the Japanese term for a state of mind that video-specific content creators get stuck in: working on a project for so long that you start to doubt its worth and consider giving up. It originates from the 183rd post in a 2channel thread for OtoMAD creation in March 30, 2008.1)


183 :Nameless @ Full Stomach.:2008/03/30(Sun) 18:22:59 ID:d2u9tVQ20
Come up with a good idea→
Spend time making it→
Grow tired after seeing and hearing it over and over→
Start doubting and ask “is this interesting…?” ←I am here.

On March 30, 2008 at 18:22(06:22PM) JST, an anonymous user made the 183rd post in the first “Sound MAD General Thread” on 2channel's /youtube/ board where they started to doubt their own work. This post would end up resonating with so many users that “183” became a reference point for users that have lost their motivation to finish their project after working on it for too long that it starts to look “bad” in the author's eyes.

Now, it's important for content creators in any medium to realize that “you are your own worst critic” because while your creation may seem “bad” to you, remember that other people with fresh eyes who've never seen the work before will have a completely different reaction since it's an entirely new concept to them. If someone already did it before, well, people may appreciate the alternate take.

Alternate meanings

  • 183 - A number between 182 and 184, divisible by 1, 3, 61, and 183.
  • 183 series (183系) - Japanese EMU train. No longer in service.
  • KiHa 183 series (キハ183系) - Japanese DMU train. Still used in Japan and Thailand.
  • Focke-Wulf Ta 183 (Ta-183) - Nazi German jet fighter aircraft. Never materialized.
  • Day 183 - In the Gregorian calendar year, this is July 2nd (common year) or July 1st (leap year).
  • 183 on Niconico Douga - A tag for unfinished works. Quality may vary.
  • 183 on Niconico Encyclopedia
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