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Kinamania (Кинамания) is a Russian YouTube channel, managed by Pavel “Kinaman” Grinyov (Павел “Кинаман” Гринёв), that typically focuses on 1990s Russian video game nostalgia and it all stems from this documentary that was released on March 27, 2011.

The videos are typically filmed at his home in Rostov-on-Don. Some feature friends like Nikolai “Coulthard” Moiseev (Николай “Култхард” Моисеев), Maksim “McSIM” Yedush (Максим “McSIM” Едуш), and several others who only appear in his other projects.


In 2009, Coulthard recommended the Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN) to Kinaman and made him watch an episode of it around September 28, 2009. Kinaman only knew about Novaya Realnost back then, so he was blown away at how the AVGN was funny and informative while reviewing retro games. Rolfe's work would inspire him to make his own film, so development of The Grey Elephant's Curse began in Autumn 2010.1)

On March 27, 2011, The Grey Elephant's Curse was released to the public and received critical acclaim as fans wanted him to make more videos, so he started Dendy Chronicles in May 2011 which would kick off “Kinamania Productions” and many other videos would soon follow.2) In recent years, video production began slowing down around 2014 and about 1-2 videos barely get released per month.


The Grey Elephant's Curse

The Grey Elephant's Curse (Проклятие Серого Слонёнка, Proklyatiye Serogo Slonyonka) is the first documentary that Kinaman produced in 2011, which goes over how 8-bit consoles entered post-Soviet Russia, often in the form of Chinese famiclones that they often called "Dendy", and the various issues that bootleg consoles, cartridges, games, and other peripherals had.

Dendy Chronicles + Mini

Dendy Chronicles is the episodic web series, meant to serve as a sequel to The Grey Elephant's Curse to fans who wanted more.3) Most of the famiclone-related issues were already discussed in the documentary, leaving us an entire library of bootleg games (e.g. multicarts, hacks, unofficial backports, etc.) as well as their cartridge labels and other related media such as cheat books or strategy guides.

Dendy Memories

Dendy Memories is a series of unscripted retrospectives, inspired by Contra Memories,5) since Kinaman wanted to talk about games he was fond of. Personally, these are best viewed in chronological order.

There's also Coulthard's Memories where Coulthard talks about a lot of games in two episodes and Sega Memories where Kinaman recalls his short experience with Sega.

Miscellaneous Projects

  • In The Kitchen (На Кухне, Na Kukhne) - A series of “Let's Play” videos that conveys a nostalgic at-home atmosphere. Most of these aren't subtitled, but you may want to look into them if you're trying to sift through Russian discussion since a lot of guests are featured here.
    • Kinamania Live! - Archived gaming livestreams. It usually featured Kinaman and Coulthard.
  • V.H.S. - An experimental, pilot episode criticizing a bad Russian dub of Back to the Future.
  • A Day of Childhood (Один День Детства, Odin Den Detstva) [1, 2] - The second documentary on childhood in 1990s Russia, which was Kinaman's initial documentary idea.


  • The story behind Kinaman's username is that "Kinoman“ was already taken on Yandex.
  • It should be noted that Kinaman had watched Reploid's Russian dub of Angry Video Game Nerd.7)
    • In 2013, he made a guest appearance as the “Guitar Guy” in the Ikari Warriors dub.
  • On Sosach, the “Cherve Thread” (Черветред, Chervetred)8) on /fag/ is a fan community that usually stalks and rips on Kinaman and his friends, but claim to be disillusioned fans that took note of his recent stagnation and decline over the years. They also have a wiki called Chervepedia, dedicated to airing the dirty laundry of everyone involved with Kinamania in a half-serious manner.
  • In Dendy Chronicles #10, the phone number in the cheat code book has a country calling code of +81 (Japan), thus the Japanese-style segment that takes place throughout the episode.
    • If you look this number up, it's owned by the Japanese semiconductor company “Micronics Japan”, though its relation to Athena's developer Micronics is unclear.
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The Dendy Chronicles episode was published back in November 11, 2011, way before the Angry Video Game Nerd episode came out on October 23, 2012. It seems like Rolfe added a nod to Kinaman's list with his "Get the Knife" scene, but whether it's actually a nod is unclear.
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The “Super HIK 6-in-1” cartridge discussed was dumped around two years later. While Kinaman recalls losing copy that had “1996” on the label, the donated copy that they dumped had “1992” instead. Either way, the multicart's ID remains unknown.
If you're interested, you can watch Reploid's dub of Angry Video Game Nerd on YouTube. They call the AVGN, the “Zlobnyy Videoigrovoy Zadrot” (Злобный Видеоигровой Задрот).
“Cherve Thread” (Черветред, Chervetred) means “Worm Thread” and this is a reference to how Kinaman's myopathy or scoliosis makes him look like Earthworm Jim.
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