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Rumia Day

The 7th of Every Month is Rumia Day (毎月七日はルーミアの日, Maitsuki Nanoka ha Rūmia no Hi), also called Rumia Day (ルーミアの日) or M7R,1) is a monthly festival tag for Rumia from Touhou Project. Celebrating monthly can be a bit excessive, so July 7th is most popular.


The idea of Rumia Day falling on the seventh of the month stems from “nanoka” (七日, lit. “seventh day [of the month]”) sounding like “so nanoka” (そーなのかー, lit. “is that so”), which is a line that Rumia utters in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil that became a catchphrase for her in derivative works. However, this is only used once or twice, with the other being “sou nanoka” (そうなのかー) in Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red.


"Ah... it's the seventh..." On June 7, 2005, a Rumia doodle by “Hata no Hito” (畑の人) was uploaded to Coolier's Oekaki board, along with a comment about how the artist was reading an expiration date.2) This drawing of Rumia looking at a calendar is show to the right for archival purposes.

Prior to this, people thought it was from a small comic that “Team Inazuma” drew on January 7, 2006,3) and also thought it came from a post that was made in the first UFO Rumia-tan thread on June 8, 2005.4) Again, we know it's from the Oekaki board mention earlier, so it's been solved.


  • Aside from July 7th, the other 7th of note is October 7th, “Jūgatsu Nanoka wa Sonanoka no Hi” (十月七日はそーなのかーの日), which tries to incorporate the cross joke in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.

See also

    • Miko Day - One of Miko's days is February 7th, since that was Prince Shoutoku's birthday.
    • Sanae Day - March 7th, since 3/7 can be read as “Sa/na” (さ/な), therefore “Sanae”.
    • Every 8th of the Month is Rumia Day for People Not on Time (毎月八日はルーミアの日に間に合わなかった人の日, Maitsuki Yōka wa Rūmia no Hi ni Maniawanakatta Hito no Hi) - Self-explanatory.
    • Cirno Day - It's every 9th, but most think it's only September 9th, similar to the July 7th case here.
  • Touhou Sonanoka - A Japanese Rumia-only doujin fair.
The alternate tag, “Maitsuki 7-nichi ha Rūmia no Hi” (毎月7日はルーミアの日), includes the number, which results in a tag that can be abbreviated to “M7R”.
"[352] 火曜日7日" (June 7, 2005). Coolier.
"春の七草全部言えるカナー。" (January 7, 2006). TeamInazuma.
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