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Diochan is an Italian bulletin board website that was founded by “MarcoZ” on November 16, 2007. It has gone through many owners and domains that nobody really knows who owns it anymore. For some reason, Diochan is still alive to this date.



Around November 16, 2007, the IRC chatroom, #itachan, had emerged after a 4chan thread1) talked about the idea of creating an Italian imageboard.2) It was ultimately named “Diochan” for its resemblance to “dio cane”,3) amusing those involved. From there, “MarcoZ” set up Kusaba on his Italian Pokémon forum's server, resulting in a comedic “” behind their free “” domain.

They start with a “Random” board at /rd/, but users demanded /rd/ to be renamed /b/. It didn't take long for server issues to pile up, resulting in “MarcoZ” giving Diochan to “Anonymo” in January 2008, moving it to “” behind the “” domain. Then in September 2008, “MarcoZ” gave it a domain at “” for a moment, before finalizing its domain at “” where it stands today.

But then, “MarcoZ” forgot to renew the new domain, causing nine days of downtime. A refuge board named “DVCEFINZIO” was set up by “the_Executioner” and lasted until its return on February 27, 2009. Once it returned, “Lezard Valeth” temporarily became administrator, introducing new boards and features. The users were skeptical, so “Anonymo” became administrator again and cut some of those boards.


In late 2009, they opened a /d/ “bulletin board”4) along with an /rs/ for uploading files. Then in 2010, Diochan opened up a temporary, donation-led wildcard board at /*/ which ran until August 2010.5) Afterwards, due to legal actions, Diochan started messing with /b/'s accessibility in order to keep it under control, introducing the password system with credentials that users could only obtain by answering a community quiz on IRC.

The restrictions were partially removed in February 2011 with posting being password-only, and they moved to a CAPTCHA system. However, the restrictions on /b/ continued as people started organizing Facebook raids and doxing people, so /b/ was indefinitely shut down for periods of time during the year. Then in Autumn 2011, users were met with a Facebook-like splash page that only some could bypass.

Later, Diochan apparently shut down as the 1.7M GET approached on February 16, 2012, then a 403 error had shown up on February 18, 2012 which suggested that all of the measures were removed. During this time, Niuchan explodes and Kemychan conveniently shuts down. Diochan eventually came back on February 20, 2012, but this didn't go without a sharp drop in activity on Diochan compared to the weeks prior.


After that, Diochan remained mostly the same for the rest of the decade, with minor board changes and the occasional prank from the administration. The front page mostly organized boards into vague columns until 2020. In July 2020, after months of the COVID-19 pandemic, “International” (/int/) and many SFW boards were removed for “Business” (/aff/) and a catch-all “Culture” (/cul/) board.

List of Boards


  • Diochan is based on “dio cane”,6) so it has nothing to do with Dio Brando or Diaochan.
  • Niuchan is a refuge website that may be owned by Diochan's original founder.
  • If you see “u” replaced with “v”, this imitates how fascists will replace “u” with “v” to make their slogans look Roman as the letter “u” didn't exist in Roman times and were written as “v” instead.7)
"log". Diochan.
3) , 6)
“Dio cane” (lit. “God [is a] dog”) is blasphemous profanity, with similar connotations as “goddammit”.
/d/ was a “bulletin board” that the users could figuratively tack images onto. It was later removed in 2020.
The wildcard board went through theme(s) like: “Twilight”, “Cuddling & Blowjob” (Coccole & Pompini), “Motherland” (Madrepatria), “Help Desk”, “Transportation” (Trasporti), “JoJo's Bizarre Adventure” (Le Bizzarre Avventure di JoJo), and “8-bit”.
For example, “Quando c'era LUI” (“When HE was here”) becomes “Quando c'era LVI”.
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