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6-chan, also known as 6chan, was a Chilean Spanish bulletin board that was founded by Gabriel “Takato” Aguilera in 2007, sold to a “Sebastian Piraña” in 2010, and presumably shut down in 2011. It isn't clear what went on between 6-chan's death and the rise of (or rebranding to) Nido.


In the mid-2000s, “Takato” ran the anime forum, Ippai, and he considered making an imageboard. He would succeed in creating 6chan at “”,1) which ran Kusaba, and their oldest news post was dated August 23, 2007.2) About two months later, “Takato” moved these boards over to “” on October 26, 2007 where they officially rebranded to 6-chan.3)

A soft reboot occurred on April 4, 2009 after 6-chan and Cuatrochan began to collaborate,4) turning 6-chan into a “work-safe” website and Cuatrochan into an adult website.5) For 2010, 6-chan would upgrade to the Kusaba fork, RokubaPY, on January 8, 2010, then “Takato” would retire on August 5, 2010.6) The position of administrator was then taken by “Anonimo”7) who later assumed the name, “Sebastian Piraña”.8)9)

Unfortunately, 6-chan suddenly faced a controversial situation where a user shared nude photos of a minor, leading to the Investigations Police of Chile getting involved and arresting the user in May 2011.10) This situation naturally put everybody on edge, 6-chan was taken offline on May 13, 2011, and it isn't exactly clear what happened next with the “Choroy” rebrands and rise of Nido on June 27, 2013.

List of Boards

  • General
    • Random [b]
    • Chileño [ñ]
  • Japanese Culture
    • Anime & Manga [a]
    • Cosplay [c]
    • Japan General [jp]
  • Interests
    • Finances [fin]
    • Technology [t]
    • Television [tv]
    • Video Games [v]
    • Traditional Games [jt]
    • Comics & Books [co]
    • Music [mu]
    • Cooking and Recipes [cr]
    • Health [sal]
    • Paranormal [x]
    • Military [mil]
  • Adult
    • Hentai [h]
    • Cute Men [cm]
    • Hot Women [mr]
    • Gay/LGBT [ga]
    • Drug Experience [drg]
  • Creativity
    • Fanart [fan]
    • Oekaki [o]
  • Others
    • Advice [con]
    • Suggestions [sug]
    • Baw [baw]
    • Gentlemen [cab]


The original Choroy comic.

  • The story behind the choroy (slender-billed parakeet) meme is that an IRC bot named “weabot” would repeat and mash up phrases like a parrot and the output would often amuse people. Over time, the IRC bot and its sayings would be depicted as an angry choroy in comics, similar to the one shown to the right.
    • It's rumored that “weabot” was inspired by the robot parrot from the Dexter's Laboratory episode, “The Parrot Trap”, who said “Dexter's a cookie!”
    • Today, “weabot” has been inherited by the Bienvenido a Internet community.
  • I planned to merge Nido into this article, but there's almost no documentation of the Choroy clones from 2011 to 2013. A year has passed, so I'll publish it now.

See also

  • 6-chan [Archive] - The front page of Nido, archived April 26, 2011.
    • @nidobot (@6_chan) on Twitter - The first 6-chan Twitter. Locked for obvious reasons.
    • @choroymaidcafe (@6_chan_org) on Twitter - The second 6-chan Twitter. Emptied.
    • @tamer_takato on Twitter - Founder of 6-chan, administrator from 2007 to 2010.
"La nueva moda escolar: el "sexying"" (September 11, 2007). Foros Ippai.
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“Sebastian Piraña” is a pun on then-president Sebastián Piñera. “Piraña” is Spanish for Piranha.
A brief summary of the “Anon Chulo” (Pimp Anon) and “Ultrapobre” (Ultrapoor) case can be read in the "¿Que es nido?" document, which has been translated at Compendium of Personal Ignorance.
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