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Touhou Youreimu

Touhou Youreimu(Little Reimu) (東方幼霊夢),1) mistranslated as Osana Reimu,2) is the first fan-made Touhou Project video series by “Joyful” (ジョイフル) which ran from May 26, 2011 to February 25, 2012. The story continued in Touhou Reireimu (東方霊々夢) and ended on August 30, 2014.


It's been years and I'd have to watch all four hours of Touhou Youreimu and Touhou Reireimu for the third time in a row…

List of Episodes

Episode Original Title Uploaded Subtitles
Touhou Youreimu ANDT Mazui3)
01 【東方二次創作】幼霊夢 2011-05-25 01 YouTube
02 【東方二次創作】幼霊夢2 2011-06-29 02
03 【東方二次創作】幼霊夢3 2011-08-06 03
04 【東方二次創作】幼霊夢4 2011-09-21 04
05 【東方二次創作】幼霊夢5 2011-10-30 05
06 【東方二次創作】幼霊夢6 2011-11-22 06
07-1 【東方二次創作】幼霊夢7(前編) 2012-02-24 07-1
07-2 【東方二次創作】幼霊夢7(後編) 07-2
Touhou Reireimu
PV 次回作予告! 2012-03-13
01 【東方二次創作】霊々夢 2012-05-07 01
02 【東方二次創作】霊々夢2 2012-06-25 02
03 【東方二次創作】霊々夢3 2012-10-13 03
04-1 【東方二次創作】霊々夢4(前編) 2012-12-25 04-1
04-2 【東方二次創作】霊々夢4(後編) 04-2
05-1 【東方二次創作】霊々夢5(前編) 2013-07-14 05-1
05-2 【東方二次創作】霊々夢5(中編) 2013-08-11 05-2
05-3 【東方二次創作】霊々夢5(後編) 05-3
06-1 【東方二次創作】霊々夢6(前編) 2014-08-30 06-1
06-2 【東方二次創作】霊々夢6(後編) 06-2
PS 【東方二次創作】幼霊夢&霊々夢あとがき


Youreimu & Reireimu -Collection-” (幼霊夢&霊々夢-コレクション-) is the commemorative album and book that was released by the doujin circle, “Touhou Hoikujo” (東方保育所), in collaboration with “Gorilla Koen” (ごりら公園) and “Liz Triangle”. The two commemorative items were sold separately at Comiket 85 on December 30, 2013.5)6) between Episode 5 and 6 of Touhou Reireimu.


  • The Sendai Miko uses several masks to hide her face throughout Touhou Youreimu and some masks reference popular franchises. In order, they are: the offering box, Pyramid Head, a Predator mask, Jason Voorhees' hockey mask (flashback), Obito Uchiha's mask, a Kamen Rider mask, a fox mask, and in Touhou Reireimu, Ichigo Kurosaki's mask which is quickly destroyed.
  • Back in 2013, the English translator for Touhou Reireimu was translating “shinen” (深淵) in Episode 6 and asked if “void” or “abyss” sounded cooler.7) I suggested “void”, they used “abyss”, and this will bug me until the end of time, like you might as well use the literal translation of “deep water” instead.
The original video was simply titled “Youreimu” (幼霊夢). However, the translators misread the “幼” kanji and used the kun-reading “osana” instead of the on-reading “you”, thus resulting in “Osana Reimu”.
There are two English translations of Touhou Youreimu. “ANDT” uploaded the first translation as the series went on, while “Mazui” is the all-in-one hardsubbed version. I personally watched the “Mazui” version.
"Touhou Little Reimu" (January 25, 2013). Mazui Subs.
⚠️ Warning: The torrent link is outdated and compromised! Please use this link instead.
"QUICK!" (August 12, 2013). Tumblr.
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