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Hofgoblin (ホフゴブリン, Hofugoburin), often corrected to Hobgoblin,1) is a creature from western forklore that Yukari Yakumo had invited into Gensokyo from the outside world in Touhou Ibarakasen to serve a specific purpose temporarily before they became workers at Koumakan.


The hofgoblins are directly inspired by the hobgoblin, which are said to be mischievous, ugly creatures with demon-like or fairy-like abilities (goblin) and often serve as a household spirit (hob). They resemble small, hairy men, and they get easily annoyed, but they do help with chores and bring prosperity to households. However, they are rather weak and insignificant.

Appearances and Mentions

In the Print Works

Touhou Ibarakasen (Wild and Horned Hermit)

“Calling me a 'thing' is pretty rude, you know.”
– Hofgoblin

Hofgoblin, as seen in Wild and Horned Hermit. In Wild and Horned Hermit, it's mentioned that Yukari went overseas and decided to bring hofgoblins into Gensokyo in Chapter 14 since they performed the same jobs as the Human Village's Zashiki Warashi. Yukari later reveals that they were supposed to distract from Zashiki Warashi being spies for the youkai.

The rest of the chapter explains that the hobgoblins weren't well received by the residents of the Human Village since they weren't as cute, so Reimu and Kasen decide to chase them out of the Human Village. However, it's shown at the end of the chapter that they all found work at Koumakan now.

Touhou Suzunaan (Forbidden Scrollery)

Hofgoblin(?), as seen in Forbidden Scrollery. In Forbidden Scrollery, it's believed that a Hofgoblin is serving tea at Koumakan in Chapter 3. However, their appearance wildly differs from their Wild and Horned Hermit appearance since the two chapters were released within the same month,2) which suggests that the artists didn't know how the other would depict them.


  • At the moment, they don't speak in speech balloons and their lines float around them.

    _ , ´ ヽ ,ハ
    ヽ)#≡ふ= }フ
    / , . `´. |l
     l_ノ  l_ノ
The proper spelling is “Hobgoblin” (ホブゴブリン, Hobugoburin), but they're referred to as “Hofgoblin” (ホフゴブリン, Hofugoburin) in Touhou Ibarakasen and they're only talked about in one chapter.
Wild and Horned Hermit's Chapter 14 was published on December 10, 2012, while Forbidden Scrollery's Chapter 3 was published on December 26, 2012. This is about 16 days apart.
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