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Lolnada is a Spanish bulletin board that temporarily existed in 2011 as a SectaChan refuge, merged into Bakachan, then was resurrected by the Bakachan community in July 2015. The current administration, who has no ties to the original 2011 staff, is completely anonymous.



The original Lolnada was founded by “Idvich” at the “” domain around February 24, 2011,1) just months after SectaChan's death in November 1, 2010, and used Kusaba X. This lasted 7 months until the website's account was suddenly suspended on September 16, 2011 for unknown reasons.2) After this, users mostly migrated to Bakachan since that's where most of the SectaChan community went.


Bakachan announced that they'd shut down by the end of June 2015,3) so members of the community, with no ties to the original Lolnada staff, resurrected Lolnada at the old “” domain with the boards running on a heavily modified Vichan. There isn't much else to say about the current Lolnada, aside from the official Twitter moving to a slow Telegram channel in 2019.

List of Boards

  • Lolnada - The front page of Lolnada.
    • @lolnadaorg on Twitter - The official Lolnada account before 2019.
    • @lolnada on Telegram - The official Lolnada account since 2019.
  • Lolnada on Steam Community
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