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Why Does Rumia Keep Dying?

Why Does Rumia Keep Dying? (何でルーミアすぐ死んでしまうん?, Nani de Rūmia Sugu Shindeshimaun?) is a fan-made Touhou Project platforming game that was developed by “Bixeno” (ビクセノ, Bikuseno) and published on February 22, 2017.1)2)


As the title suggests, it's a short game that features Rumia as the protagonist and it's also a trial-and-error death game with heavy influence from I Wanna Be The Guy. The controls are simple, but the protagonist tends to slide, which makes the game more difficult than it needs to be. However, it only has a single level with a single checkpoint, so you probably won't be spending too much time on this game.


On the title screen, walk right to begin the game. The first row of spikes have the first spike shooting up and the last spike sliding to where you land. You'll then find a hill with another row of spikes, but be very careful. Also, the middle two spikes here shoot up. I personally get rid of the first, then gun over the second. Don't go too far or else you'll run into the [P] block. Lightly jump over it, then slowly inch under the tree.

The arrow sign is the checkpoint. It's followed by stairs with spikes on the side and the third moves up. Then, you pick the upper or lower path. The lower path has a moving platform and the spikes move. I suggest the upper path since you only need to nudge the spring a bit, jump on it, and do a leap of faith. Both paths link to a trampoline section with spikes above it, so watch your head.

You will then find another row of spikes, the middle two that sticks out will shoot up. Afterwards, watch out for the clouds, be careful around the gap, then beat the game by entering the gap.


  • The game's full name with subtitle is “Why does Rumia keep dying? There is no special reason. Just because.” which is fairly coherent enough to any English players.
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