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Chat in English

Chat in English (英語で雑談, Eigo de Zatsudan) is an ongoing series of threads on 2channel's /english/ board where Japanese users practice having English discussions. It's often visited by foreigners, but there's now an issue of foreigners who constantly make low-quality posts.

Archive Log

2channel made an /english/ board on July 10, 1999 and the first few “Chat in English” threads were originally called the “English Only” threads.

No. 001-050

No. 051-100

No. 101-150

No. 151-200

No. 200-


  • In thread #190 to #196, somebody put a link to 8chan's /int/ board in the thread's OP (>>1). This was later removed since both 8chan and its /int/ board are pretty awful.
    • Besides, 2channel users already know about the Japanese thread on 4chan's /int/ board if you sift through the 4chan thread on 2channel's /entrance2/ board.
  • For those curious, the order of /english/'s nameservers in chronological order are: mentai, academy, academy2, academy3, academy4, academy5, academy6, kakome, awabi, yomogi, mint, lavender.

See also

  • English - The front page of 2channel's /english/ board.
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