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2ch Touhou Thread Observatory

The 2ch Touhou Thread Observatory (2ch東方スレ観測所, 2ch Tōhō Sure Kansokusho) is a Touhou Project summary blog that emerged on November 3, 20091) and usually pulls threads from websites like 2channel, Futaba Channel, and Shitaraba.

It originally pulled threads from /news4vip/, but almost exclusively pulls threads from Futaba Channel these days, and the blog is intended for all ages so they try to avoid or censor erotic imagery. Personally, it provides a quick look at the anonymous Japanese fanbase, whether it be inquiries, informative, a fan-related story, memetic, etc. but it's not the only Touhou Project summary blog of its kind.

Post Organization

This is a blog, so the categories and tags are at the bottom of every posts. Tags are next to “Tags:” (タグ:). Categories are somewhere after “This Article's URL” (この記事のURL) or “Comments” (コメント).



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   | i.|ノリハノリ〉
 ,ヘルlリ ゚ ヮ゚ノii
   `'ィ ァ~ィ ァ´
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  • It seems like non-Japanese IPs can't comment on threads?
"このブログについて" (November 3, 2009). 2ch Touhou Thread Observatory.
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