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2ch /touhou/

The Touhou Project (東方project) board, formerly Touhou and Touhou Mugenban (東方夢幻板), is a 2channel board that was created on May 24, 20141) as a trial board2)3) after /news4vip/ users requested it.4) If it did end up dying, the data would've been retained anyways.5)


As the board name suggests, it's a Touhou Project board, but also extends into other “Team Shanghai Alice” works (e.g. Seihou Project, Uwabami Breakers, etc.) and derivative works. The board usually has a handful of character threads, along with general threads, neta threads, one-off threads, etc. It does technically forbid erotic content and guro, but you're asked to move these discussions to Pink Channel instead.

It's important to note that /touhou/ isn't the only board to house Touhou Project threads and there aren't any authoritarian “quarantine” bans when 2channel has over 1,000 boards. You can also find Touhou Project threads on boards like /gsaloon/, /gamestg/, /gamemusic/, /gameama/, /comiket/, /otaku/, etc. There is also a number of boards outside of 2channel, such as Touhou Kishouban on Shitaraba.


  • The default name is “Nanashi-san kitō-chū…” (名無しさん祈祷中・・・, lit. “Nameless is praying…”).
  • In 2014, there was a vandal spamming pro-immigration propaganda on several boards and claimed to be from here, but obviously wasn't a fan6) and likely motivated by the Touhou Police drama.7)

.  .「^ヽ,ry'^i
  ,ゝ"´ ⌒`ヽ     This thread has exceeded 1000 posts.
 くi Lノノハノ)」    You can't post anymore, so please set up a new thread.
  λ.[i ゚ ヮ゚ノi!
  レ',ヘ.i`ム'」つ旦   Touhou Project@2ch BBS
"Welcome to Touhou!" (May 24, 2014). 2channel /touhou/.
"Let's talk with Code Monkey-san Part.3" (May 24, 2014). Pink Channel /erobbs/.
"Let's talk with Code Monkey-san Part.3" (May 24, 2014). Pink Channel /erobbs/.
"東方ファン緊急集合" (May 19, 2014). 2channel /news4vip/.
"Let's talk with Jim-san in operate. ★38" (May 25, 2014). 2channel /operate/.
"移民反対、移民排斥をここから訴えよう" (August 27, 2014). 2channel /touhou/.
One of their spam posts claim that Touhou Project's decline is comparable to Japan's declining birthrates.
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