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I Am Salamence

I am Salamence” (俺はボーマンダ, Ore wa Bōmanda) is an improvised Pokémon-themed Touhou Project arrange of “Millennium Gensokyo ~ History of the Moon” that was sung by Mokō in 2010, very early into his streaming career on Niconico before moving onto YouTube.


As the streamer became known for competitive Pokémon, he sang a nonsensical tribute to Salamence who he considered superior to Dragonite or Garchomp, noting that his Salamence had a Naughty nature (i.e. increased attack, decreased special defense) and could learn both physical and special moves. Below is the six moves that get mentioned, specifically with their Generation 4 statistics.

Move Type Category Pwr. Acc. PP Acquisition?
大文字(だいもんじ) Fire Blast Fire Special 120 85% 5 TM38
逆鱗(げきりん) Outrage Dragon Physical 120 100% 15 Tutoring
地震(じしん) Earthquake Ground Physical 100 100% 10 TM26
流星群(りゅうせいぐん) Draco Meteor Dragon Special 140 90% 5 Tutoring
竜舞(りゅうのまい) Dragon Dance Dragon Status —% 20 Breeding
ドラゴンダイブ(どらごんだいぶ) Dragon Rush Dragon Physical 100 75% 10 Breeding


It's been pointed out that Garchomp is actually equal to Salamance, as you can just replace Dragon Dance with Swords Dance in said “Dragon Dance, Outrage, Earthquake, Dragon Rush” strategy. Furthermore, Salamence's special attack stat of 110 is just better than average for a pseudo-legendary at the time. As for the current meta, Dragon-type Pokémon are now weak to Fairy-type Pokémon.


  • I really don't want to translate the lyrics. To avoid headaches, I used the localized names.

_∠ゝ_< ̄ ̄ ̄フ
>′ < )    /  Salamence's Draco Meteor!
 ̄\\ ̄-------、
   / ヽ_ヽ ヽヽ ヽ フ
  (,,,,_ノ   ヽ_,,,,)__,,,,)
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