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Touhou Character Sorter

The Touhou Character Sorter (東方キャラソート, Tōhō Kyara Sōto), often shortened to Tohosort, is a tool used to sort Touhou Project characters. It's often credited to “Haru” (ハル) who made the first sorter in 2008,1) though many other tools have been made since then.

List of known sorting tools

Japanese tools

English tools

  • Touhou Character Sorting - The main English sorter by “Frelia”, who originally wanted to remain anonymous,2) which is why it started out on a free web host in 2008.3)
  • Touhou Tier List Creator - The alternative sorter, a tier list creator, that gives you more control over the results. One of many,4) this particular one was set up by “Mari” in 2020.


  • The “MF” means “Minor Fix”, not to be confused with the extremely common profanity.
  • You're supposed to avoid ties. When you use a tie, it assumes the two characters are equal and will only show you one of the two characters which can really mess with the results.

See also

"東方キャラソート" (June 13, 2008). E-Phantasm.
The sorter was originally hosted on Freewebs (now Webs), but this stopped being viable after the 2013 overhaul, forcing its move to the “” domain as GitHub pages didn't exist until 2016.
"Touhou Characer Sorting" (October 19, 2008). Freewebs.
Several tier list creators for Touhou Project characters exist on Tiermaker, but there seems to be no way to update them after they've been published, so there's really no point in linking them.
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