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Somari (音速瑪莉, Yīnsù Mǎlì),1) also called Somari the Adventurer, is an unlicensed Sonic the Hedgehog port to the Famicom that was developed by “Hummer Team” under their “Somari Team” alias. The game usually reminds people of the 1990s Nintendo-Sega rivalry.


Somari is a game that features Mario in place of Sonic with the 'spin dash' ability, an ability that was actually introduced in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. However, the game suffers from bad programming and it's easy to die in Green Hill Zone due to a lack of rings at the start and inescapable pits, something that was only fixed in later Sonic-themed versions of the game that actually skip Green Hill Zone due to its difficulty.

While the game is mostly faithful to the original Sega Genesis game, they cut out Scrap Brain Zone and use the special stage from Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Master System due to limitations. There's only one ending of Dr. Robotnik with the Chaos Emeralds despite them not being present. The graphics and music are mostly taken from the original game with bits from the Sega Master System version.

Variants and Hacks

From Hummer Team

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog, also called Sonic 3D Blast 5 or Sonic 5 (音速小子, Yīnsù Xiǎozi 5), is a variant of Somari that removes the “Somari Team” screen, features the correct title screen, starts off at Spring Yard Zone, and features a blue-outlined Sonic sprite which messes with the enemy palettes. While this does fix the issues with Green Hill Zone, you can only see it and Marble Zone through the Level Select menu.2)

Sonic & Knuckles 5

Sonic & Knuckles 5 is similar to the aforementioned Sonic the Hedgehog, except the title screen is now an imitation of Sonic & Knuckles in terms of visuals and music, the zone text is blue instead of white, and it features a black-outlined Sonic sprite instead of a blue-outlined one. It still starts at Spring Yard Zone and the Level Select menu keeps the level order seen in Sonic the Hedgehog.3)

Sonic 3D Blast 6

Sonic 3D Blast 6 is similar to Sonic & Knuckles 5 except the title screen now resembles Sonic 3D Blast's title screen while retaining the previous Sonic & Knuckles title screen music, features an in-between level start graphic before starting and restarting a level, starts off in Marble Zone instead of Spring Yard Zone, and nothing in the Level Select menu points to the correct levels.4)

The Hummer

Speeding Hummer (超速悍馬, Chāosù Hànmǎ), also called The Hummer, is a Sonic & Knuckles 5 hack5) by Hummer Team that replaces the protagonist with a horse called “The Hummer”, which messes with the enemy palettes, and level graphics were altered. It was featured in the Super New Year Cart 15-in-1, but almost all the levels also show up in the Samuri 60-in-1 plug-and-play console.

Original Level Order Samuri Level Order
Green Hill Zone, Act 1 [03] Speed Hummer
Green Hill Zone, Act 2 [32] Hummer Hill
Green Hill Zone, Act 3 N/A
Marble Zone, Act 1 [30] Hummer Marble
Marble Zone, Act 2 [25] Hummer Snow
Marble Zone, Act 3 [53] Hummer Hole
Spring Yard Zone, Act 1 [36] Hummer Yard
Spring Yard Zone, Act 2 [20] Hummer Tunnel
Spring Yard Zone, Act 3 [18] Hummer Hero
Labyrinth Zone, Act 1 [42] Hummer Swim
Labyrinth Zone, Act 2 N/A
Labyrinth Zone, Act 3 [27] Hummer Final
Star Light Zone, Act 1 [46] Hummer Night
Star Light Zone, Act 2 [39] Hummer Bomb
Star Light Zone, Act 3 [05] Hummer Star
[56] Hummer Fall
Final Zone N/A

From Other Companies

Family Kid

Family Kid is a simple hack of Somari that edits the “Hummer Team Presents” screen with the “Family” logo, alters the title screen, and features the “Family Kid” mascot though it keeps the Mario signpost intact. The company, “Family TSI”, allegedly makes famiclones and was involved with Bao Qing Tian. There isn't much else known about this company.


Doraemon (机器猫 小叮当, Jīqì Māo Xiǎo Dīngdāng)6) is an extensive Somari hack by Waixing featuring Doraemon as the main character, completely new graphics and level design, along with five tracks, but completely removes the Special Stage. This hack is much more difficult due to bad level design and it's fairly easy to die, but you also won't lose all your rings if you have over 40 and Doraemon can't drown.

If you're wondering what the stage names are, it just says “Level 1, Act 1” (第一关一幕, Dì yī guān Yīmù) and counts all the way up to “Level 6, Act 1” (第六关一幕, Dì liù guān Yīmù) which is the final stage. At the end of the game, there's a credit screen listing the two directors, producer, programmer, planner, artists, tester, and musician for the game.


  • Somari was featured in Season 1 Episode 11 of Novaya Realnost where Suponev points out the flaws, but doesn't spend much time on it and lets viewers decide for themselves.7)
  • Naturally, the Mario sprite featured in Somari is based on his Super Mario Bros. 3 sprite.
“Yīnsù Mǎlì” (音速瑪莉) is a portmanteau of “Yīnsù Xiǎozi” (音速小子, lit. “Speed of Sound Guy”), which is the Chinese name for Sonic the Hedgehog, with the transliteration of “Mario” (马里奥, Mǎlǐào), meaning that the name would roughly translate to “Speed of Sound Mari” or “Supersonic Mari” if you will.
2) , 3) , 5)
In Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic & Knuckles 5, and The Hummer, the Level Select menu features Spring Yard Zone under “Green Hill Zone”, Green Hill Zone under “Marble Zone”, and Marble Zone under “Spring Yard Zone”.
To be specific, all the levels are shifted upwards (e.g. Marble Zone under “Green Hill Zone”, Spring Yard Zone under “Marble Zone”, Labyrinth Zone under “Spring Yard Zone”, Star Light Zone under “Labyrith Zone”, and Green Hill Zone under “Star Light Zone”), then the Final Zone and Special Stage is swapped.
“Jīqì Māo Xiǎo Dīngdāng” (机器猫 小叮当, lit. “Robot Cat, Little Bell”) refers to the original Chinese name for Doraemon, prior to it being replaced with the transliteration of “Doraemon” (哆啦A梦, Duō La A Mèng).
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