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Reimu and Marisa's Illusionary Fight (霊夢と魔理沙の幻想ファイト, Reimu to Marisa no Gensō Faito) is a long Cookie☆ video made by “Kirkaldyia Deyrolli” (キルカルデュア・デユロッリ)1) and then uploaded on October 12, 2020.2) Its short name is Fight☆ (ファイト☆).


The video is almost 82 minutes long, but it's really 20 seconds long if you exclude the looping part. In short, Marisa confronts Reimu at the Hakurei Shrine and the two fight for over an hour.


The two confront each other.
Marisa: “I'm going to kill you!”
Reimu: “Bring it on!”
We get close-up shots of their faces.
Marisa: “Reimu!”
Reimu: “Marisa!”
The two clash.
Marisa: “Master Spark!”
Reimu: “Dream Seal!”

Cast and credits

Voice actor Character(s) voiced
Kirkaldyia Deyrolli (キルカルデュア・デユロッリ) ゴゴゴ(クッキー☆) Marisa
トガシ(クッキー☆) Reimu


  • In the past, the planner used to be a Kokakoi defender in her “OnaSapo” threads on 2channel, but things apparently changed, and he apparently stopped visiting after uploading Fight☆.
“Kirkaldyia deyrolli”, the scientific name for what's known as the “Tagame” (タガメ) in Japanese, is a giant nocturnal water bug that exists in East Asia. It may still be known as Lethocerus deyrollei.
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