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Momiji's Kill Evil At Once! (椛の悪即斬!, Momiji no Aku-Soku-Zan!)1) is a Cookie☆ voice drama by “Jozühnwein”2) that kept being postponed, but was eventually released on February 1, 2019.3) Its short names are Enki☆ (延期☆, lit. “Postponed☆”) and Jozühnwein☆ (ヨツンヴァイン☆).


A weakened fortuneteller tricks Momiji into getting revenge on people for him. First, they head to the Human Village where she ties up a young kitsune, disguises herself as him, and flips Akyuu and Kosuzu's skirts to embarrass them. Next, they head to Kourindou and get Marisa flustered by bring up her crush on Rinnosuke. Lastly, they convince Shion to hide out in the Hakurei Shrine's bathroom and ruin Reimu's day.

However, Shion and Aunn tips Reimu off that Momiji was being haunted. We return to Youkai Mountain where Momiji is about to resurrect the fortuneteller. Aya interrupts to explain that she's being lied to, but she's too late. The fortuneteller is revived, then Reimu and Marisa show up to get rid of him. Momiji apologizes to them, then Marisa points out that Aya could've stopped her at any time which angers Momiji.

Cast and credits

Voice actor Character(s) voiced
Limu (レミ) LM姉貴, LMINU Momiji
Reitetsu (レイテツ) RITT兄貴 Fortuneteller
Mugi (むぎ) MG兄貴 Reimu
Kotsuban (骨盤) Marisa
Creaf (くりーふ) くりーふ姉貴 Kosuzu, Aunn
Yuba (湯葉) YB姉貴 Akyuu
Yukiya Ryū (雪矢りゅう) Ryu☆姉貴 Aya
Gonbee (権兵衛) あびち兄貴 Rinnosuke
Magau (まがう) MGU兄貴 Young Kitsune
Tokumei (匿名) KRNKAMN姉貴 Shion


Jozühnwein stated that his voice drama would be released in March 2018, but it didn't and the release kept getting postponed which gathered an unusual amount of attention on Twitter. He eventually showed off a preview of the video on August 19, 2018 as evidence of progress,4) while also causing the voice drama to be the first voice drama to have MAD videos of it before the actual voice drama came out.

It's said that the voice drama was originally planned to have four parts, one part for each season in order to commemorate the Year of the Dog in 2018, but this didn't pan out. After 11 months of postponement, he released a prototype version of the full voice drama on February 1, 20195) that completely lacks an opening, but indicates that a completed version would actually come out in the future.


  • Another proposed short name was Sagrada Família☆ (サグラダファミリア☆), a reference to the Sagrada Família in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain that's been under construction since 1882.
“Aku-Soku-Zan!” (椛の悪即斬!) is a motto that Saitō Hajime follows in Rurouni Kenshin that means “Kill evil at once!” but has also been translated as “Swift death to evil!” or “Slay evil immediately!”
“Jozühnwein” (ヨツンヴァイン) is a mishearing of “Yotsunbai” (四つん這い, lit. “Get on all fours”) which is a line spoken by TNOK in Inmu. It mimics German or Old Norse, but ultimately isn't a real word.
"ひっぱるなよ!" (August 19, 2018). Niconico Douga.
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