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Hourai NEET

Hourai NEET” (蓬莱ニート, Hōrai Nīto), or “NEET Princess” (ニート姫, Nīto-hime), was a derogatory nickname that mischaracterizes Kaguya Houraisan from Touhou Project, claiming that she is a Hikikomori or NEET, despite it being an obvious joke when the reverse is canonical.


The misconception stems from a joke in Touhou Eiyashou where Eirin joked that Kaguya is “finally” playing outside again in the Barrier Team's Good Ending, which leads to Kaguya pointing out that it was actually Eirin's idea to keep her imprisoned in the first place. For some reason, people ran with the idea that she's a slovenly NEET princess who spends her time on the internet (which doesn't exist within Gensokyo).


In reality, Kaguya mentions several times that she disliked her isolated life, seeking a job to fit in on Earth in the novel version of Touhou Bougetsushou1) and voicing her boredom in Touhou Eiyashou. Following the incident, she became the Lunar Capital Expo's2) lead organizer, actively socializes, travels to the countryside, attended matches at the Human Village in Touhou Shinkirou, etc.

In the second chapter, Kaguya understood Eirin saying “it's customary for Earth people to work for each other” (お互い他人の為に働く事が地上の民の勤めなのです) and felt like she wasn't doing enough.
The “Lunar Capital All-Creation Exhibit” (月都万象展, Getto Banshou Ten) is the event's name, while “Lunar Capital Expo” (月の都博覧会, Tsuki no Miyako Hakurankai) is the alternative name used in translation.
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